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Advantages of Cast-in-situ Foam Concrete Wall

2022-01-13 16:06:31  Blog

What are the advantages of cast-in-place foam concrete walls?

1. Fast construction speed

Compared with traditional wall building, the time is about 3 times faster and the construction period is short. 60% of the construction process is dry work, and 40% of the construction process is wet work. It is not affected by the season and the construction speed is fast. There is no need to slot pre-buried water and electricity pipelines like ordinary lightweight partition walls, and they can be pre-buried as long as they are installed.

2. Light weight and high strength

At present, the weight of red brick is 270 kg per square meter, and the perforated brick is about 210 kg. However, the weight of cast-in-situ foam concrete wall with non-dismantling formwork steel mesh is only about 30-50 kg per square meter, which can greatly reduce the weight of the floor. Heavy objects can be hung arbitrarily, which solves the problem of inconvenient installation due to poor lateral pressure, drawing and hanging capabilities of ordinary lightweight partition walls.

3. Good sound insulation

The sound absorption capacity is more than 10 times that of ordinary concrete, the sound insulation effect reaches 50db (150mm), and the noise reduction coefficient reaches 0.97. It is a new type of foam sound absorption and sound insulation material. Dismantling-free formwork expanded metal foam concrete cast-in-situ wall with 120mm thickness airborne sound weighted sound insulation of 45 decibels, 150mm thick household partition wall airborne sound weighted sound insulation of 50 decibels, 200mm thick hotel partition wall airborne sound weighted sound insulation of weighted sound insulation Reached 55 decibels. It fully meets the current sound insulation requirements of houses, apartments and hotels.

4. Fire resistance

The non-removable template expanded metal foam concrete cast-in-situ wall 120mm thick, 200mm, 240mm, 1000 degrees Celsius, the fire resistance limit exceeds 4 hours at high temperatures, and does not emit toxic gases, otherwise the performance can reach the national A-level standard. Especially used in light steel structure walls, it not only increases the strength of the light steel structure, prolongs the service life of the light steel structure (protects the light steel structure and does not rust), and becomes a firewall of the light steel structure.

5. Earthquake resistance

The design of cast-in-situ foam concrete wall with non-dismantling template expanded steel mesh is scientific and reasonable. The entire wall is casted with light steel keel columns and expanded steel mesh structure. The impact resistance is 1.5 times that of general masonry, and the earthquake resistance level is improved at the same time, which is suitable for earthquake resistance. The fortification intensity is 9 degrees and below, which is especially suitable for earthquake-prone areas.

6. Crack resistance and crash resistance

One-piece molding, shock resistance and impact are in line with national standards. Because it is a mesh surface, it blocks the pulling force of the cement and does not produce cracks.

7. Energy saving

Because foamed concrete contains a large number of closed small pores, it has good thermal insulation performance, which is not available in ordinary concrete. Generally, the density of cast-in-situ foamed concrete wall is in the range of 300-500 kg/m3. The thermal conductivity of foamed concrete is between 0.08-0.3w/(m·K) and the thermal resistance is about 20 times that of ordinary concrete.

8. Variety of shape

The cast-in-situ foam concrete wall of the non-removable template expanded metal mesh is plastic, and the shape can be changed at will according to the design needs, such as the curved wall, the construction is still simple and fast.

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