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Factors Affecting the Quality of Foam Concrete and How to Add Silica Fume

2022-01-13 16:06:05  Blog

Factors affecting the quality of foam concrete:

The uniformity control factor. The control factors for the uniformity of the foam cement slurry are mainly whether the design parameters of the static mixer are reasonable, especially its length, the number of internal mixing pieces, angles, and arrangement methods. These parameters have an optimal match. If the match is unreasonable, the slurry will be uneven. Different manufacturers have different designs, and the core is whether they can all be reasonable and whether they have been tested and optimized before design.

Density control factors. The controlling factor of foam cement slurry density is mainly the ratio of foam slurry entering the static mixer, that is, whether the ratio of foam to cement slurry is reasonable and accurate. The greater the bubble-to-paste ratio, the lighter the paste. If the ratio of the two cannot be precisely controlled, it will cause density fluctuations. The key factor is whether the equipment is designed and installed with a foam and slurry control mechanism, and the degree of automation of this mechanism. At present, there is no control mechanism installed on some equipment, and the density is not easy to control. How to realize its automatic control, this is the core technology.

How to add silica fume

Silicon powder refers to the ultrafine powder with amorphous silicon dioxide as the main component after the silicon vapor discharged through the flue is oxidized when the metal silicon and ferrosilicon alloy are smelted with high-purity quartz.

The function of silica fume: When the silica fume is mixed into the foam concrete, it has a good pozzolanic effect and particle filling effect, which can improve the pore structure and compactness of the foam concrete. The freshly mixed silica fume foam concrete has low bleeding and improves the viscosity of the slurry. , Improve workability and foam stabilization, can increase the strength and impermeability of foam concrete, enhance the anti-abrasion and corrosion resistance of foam concrete, and improve the chemical corrosion resistance of foam concrete. Formulated high-performance foam concrete with high strength, high durability, low heat, waterproof, frost resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance.

Within 20% of the amount of silica fume (the amount of silica fume to replace cement), the strength of foamed concrete will increase with the increase of the amount of silica fume. If the amount of silica fume exceeds 20%, the strength will decrease significantly. The content of silica fume in foam concrete is generally 5%-15%. When adding silica fume to foam concrete, it must be mixed with superplasticizer at the same time to ensure the necessary fluidity of foam concrete and the strengthening effect of silica fume on foam concrete.

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