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2023-07-10 09:37:05  Blog

A foam generator is a device through which high expansion fire fighting foam solution is aerated. These devices use inside air (static) or outside air and typically consist of nozzles surrounded by a casing. They are connected to a proportioning system that sprays the foam solution onto a screen through which the air stream created by the fan moves.

Usually hung from over head, these devices require electricity to power the fan and a hose that feeds in the foam solution at the correct mix dilution. One end of the hose is attached to the foam machine and the other end is hooked up to a submersible pump in a tank that holds the foam solution at the proper mix dilution. This pump also requires electricty and should be plugged into a GFI (ground fault interrupter) plug.

The smallest foam machine is about the size of two shoe boxes and is run off a gallon of pre-mixed foam solution. Its a good choice for smaller kids parties, can be used at low heights and will run 45-60 minutes on a fill up. Our ShowBiz Party Foam works well in this unit.

Mechanical foam machines like the Imen Tiar model have no electrical parts and are completely air operated. Water and a foaming agent are fed separately to the machine which mixes them at a fixed ratio to produce a stable jet of foam that will cover large areas quickly and effectively. These units are used for a variety of applications including fire extinguishment, oil and mining operations and scenes with flammable liquids.

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