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Foam cement insulation boards: characteristics and uses, creating a new standard for efficient fire protection and insulation

2023-11-20 08:42:10  Blog

In today's life, there are many safety hazards, but as people's awareness of prevention becomes stronger and stronger, people can always take some safety precautions before disasters occur. Fireproof foam concrete insulation has fireproof function, which is to avoid large-area losses when a fire occurs. Fireproof foam concrete insulation not only has the function of fireproofing, but also has the function of heat preservation.


Introduction to fireproof foam concrete insulation board

Fireproof foam concrete insulation board is a kind of lightweight insulation board with good durability, combustion performance reaching Class A, low carbon and environmental protection, energy saving and waste utilization. After years of research and development, the technology has gradually matured. With the increase in building fire protection, Large, it will become one of the leading products for building insulation in the future.

Basic principles of fireproof foam concrete insulation board

The basic principle is to use the non-combustibility of cement and the large number of closed pores in concrete to achieve the effects of fire prevention, lightweight and heat preservation. Foam concrete fireproof insulation board is a kind of cement-based lightweight porous inorganic foam concrete fireproof insulation board made of foam and cement prepared by foaming agent. After mixing, mixing, casting and forming, it is cured. Its combustion performance is A1. It can be used in construction exterior wall fire isolation belts and exterior wall insulation.

The main features of foam concrete insulation board

1. Lightweight material: The product has a dry density of 200-250kg/m3, a thermal conductivity of 0.050-0.059W/(m.K), and has good thermal insulation and energy-saving effects.

2. Class A fire protection: The main material of this material is cement and other inorganic materials. After testing, the combustion performance reaches Class A.

3. Strong adhesion: Since the material is a cement-based porous material, it is the same material as mortar and walls. It has good interface affinity, high bonding strength, strong adaptability and high construction efficiency.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection: low-carbon and waste-recycling, non-toxic and harmless, and can utilize industrial waste to promote sustainable development.

5. Good durability: Cement-based closed-cell foam materials have a longer service life than organic insulation materials, and have good resistance to high and low temperatures, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, weather resistance and durability.

concrete insulation board has have good resistance to high temperature 

Application areas and uses of foam concrete insulation board

Building exterior wall insulation system: Foam concrete insulation board can be used as the core material of the building exterior wall insulation system, and together with other materials form a complete insulation system.

Fire isolation zone: In buildings, fire isolation zone is one of the important safety facilities. Using foam concrete insulation panels as fire isolation zones can effectively prevent the spread of fire and protect building safety.

Roof insulation system: In the roof insulation system, foam concrete insulation panels can be used in conjunction with other materials to improve the thermal insulation and waterproof performance of the roof.

Ground insulation system: By laying foam concrete insulation panels on the ground, the thermal insulation and sound insulation performance of the ground can be effectively improved, providing a more comfortable indoor environment.

What is the difference between concrete foam insulation board and cement foam board?

Since there are different types of insulation boards, they can generally be divided into cement foam insulation boards, concrete foam insulation boards, etc. according to classification. What is the difference between concrete foam insulation board and cement foam board? Maybe benevolent people have different opinions, but generally they are distinguished according to the characteristics of these two types of insulation boards.

1. Because cement foam board is a lightweight and porous inorganic fireproof and thermal insulation board, it has high fireproof properties. In addition, it has strong heat resistance. Since the material is non-toxic and harmless, it will not burn. It is a particularly safe and environmentally friendly material. In addition, cement foam board has a particularly long service life and can generally keep pace with the building, so it is energy-saving.

2. In fact, cement foam board also has strong water resistance, because the surface of cement foam board is composed of porous, so it is easy to stick and has strong adhesiveness during use.

3. Foam concrete insulation board is a kind of insulation board. It has the effect of fire prevention and heat preservation. In fact, it is also called foam concrete board. Its main features are light weight and particularly high fire protection effect. Because this building material is made of porous materials, it has higher bonding strength, stronger adaptability, better construction efficiency, etc.

It can be seen that the difference between foam concrete insulation board and cement foam board is not particularly big. However, in terms of thermal insulation and fire protection, foam concrete insulation boards have more advantages than cement foam boards. Just when using it, you can make a reasonable choice according to your own needs.

concrete blcoks 


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