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How does Foam Concrete to Foam

2022-01-13 16:09:23  Blog

There are two main production methods of foam concrete: one is physical foaming, and the other is chemical foaming. Foamed concrete five physical foaming is the use of mechanical methods to introduce air, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide or oxygen into the slurry formed by cement, cementing materials, foaming agents and water to form a more stable slurry system.

The stabilization time of the slurry system should be longer than the initial setting time of cement. For the physical foaming of foamed concrete, it is commonly used to use a cement foaming agent to introduce air through a cement foaming machine to make foam and add slurry to stir to make foamed concrete. The key material here is the cement foaming agent, which must have good stability in order to meet the production of foam concrete. The key to the strengths and weaknesses of cement foaming agents is its stability. The better the stability, the lower density foamed concrete can be made.

The difference between cement foaming agents and general surfactants lies in their stability. Only a surfactant with better stability can become a foaming agent. The key equipment for foamed concrete production is a cement foaming machine. Many people are blind to the choice of foaming equipment and think that foaming equipment will do. In fact, foaming equipment It is related to the foam quality. A good cement foaming machine can make a foam with high uniformity and good stability.

The chemical foaming of foamed concrete is a matter that can chemically react and generate gas, mixed with the cementing material, foaming agent and water, etc., and then poured into shape to make the foaming agent react.

The principle of chemical foaming of foamed concrete is the same as that of steamed buns. Nowadays, the more common foaming agents in the market are aluminum powder and hydrogen peroxide. Among them, hydrogen peroxide foaming is mainly used for foam concrete insulation boards, and aluminum powder is mainly used for the production of aerated blocks.

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