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How to Configure the Ratio of Foaming Agent Liquid Concentration

2022-01-13 16:03:40  Blog

What is crucial to the cement foaming machine? The answer is: the quality of the foaming liquid. Therefore, how to configure the foaming liquid of the cement foaming machine has become a topic of concern to more and more enterprises.

However, the foaming agent generally has a large concentration and cannot be directly added to the foaming machine for use. One is that the waste is too large, and the other is that the concentration is too high to produce high-quality foam. Therefore, only when the concentration is right, high foaming ratio and high quality foam can be obtained. So what kind of concentration is appropriate?

First of all, if the foaming agent has been added to the foam stabilizer in the production plant, it must be added separately when preparing the foaming liquid. However, if there is no foam stabilizer in the original manufacturer, and the foam stability is not satisfactory when you try it yourself, you can add a certain amount of foam stabilizer when preparing the foaming liquid.

Secondly, if the foaming ratio of the foaming agent is small and the amount of foam formation is low, a small amount of foaming agent can be added during the preparation of the foaming liquid. The foaming agent is also a surface active substance, which can obviously increase the amount of foam and increase the amount of foam generated per unit of foaming agent.

In addition, for the storage of foaming liquid, you can choose to seal it in the storage tank for standby, so that good results can be achieved when the cement foaming machine is foamed!

The proper ratio of gas to liquid is the key to successful foaming. To adjust this ratio, it can be operated manually, or it can be controlled automatically by a computer. Although the process is simple, the control of human factors is not sensitive. Fully automatic computer control, affected by human factors, precise ratio, good foaming effect and high efficiency.

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