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How to Control the Quality of Foam Concrete Raw Materials

2022-01-13 16:03:17  Blog

When all raw materials enter the factory, there must be a quality inspection report, cement and active admixtures should have a laboratory test report, and admixtures should have a certificate of conformity.

If possible, the cement and active admixtures should be tested for the activity to obtain the activity index.

All raw materials, especially cement, admixtures, foaming agents and foaming agents, can no longer be used as ingredients when they fail or decrease in activity. Especially cement and other cementitious materials, if there are lumps and solidarity, they must not be used again. Some people sift the agglomerated cement to remove clumps and continue to use it. This is very wrong, because it is easy to cause the collapse of the mold and the decrease of product strength. If it is to be used, it can only replace 1% of fresh cement each time. After the cement has been stored for three months (in bags), the activity has decreased and it is not allowed to be used. After the hydrogen peroxide is stored for half a year, a foaming test should be carried out. If the foaming performance decreases, it should not be used.

Fly ash shall not be used for wet ash discharge. If it is used, it shall be dried and ground. The original wet ash discharge shall not be used.

The ingredient water should be tested for no side effects before use, and it can be used only when there are no side effects. When possible, the water should be tested for its trace components, and at least the pH value should be determined.

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