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How to Increase Concrete Early Strength

2023-07-11 08:56:09  Blog

What is Concrete early strength?

Concrete early strength is the ability of a concrete to gain its initial compressive strength in a short period after placing. This type of concrete is often used when a structure needs to be erected quickly or when weather conditions slow down the curing process for regular concrete.

There are a number of methods available for increasing the concrete early strength. These include: using a different mix design; adding an accelerator; using a water-reducing admixture; or using an accelerated hydration agent. These admixtures speed up the rate of cement hydration, shortening the setting time and, in most cases, also increasing the rate of concrete strength development at early ages.

Another method of obtaining high concrete early strength is to use copper slag as fine aggregate (CS). CS increases the concrete workability and reduces water absorption. However, it tends to cause a more uneven distribution of hydration products in the concrete which causes a coarser pore structure and slows the early strength development of the concrete.

One final way of achieving concrete early strength is to steam the concrete for the first 24 hours. This raises the temperature of the concrete and accelerates the hydration process and early strength development. It is important to note that this method must be carefully monitored because it can lead to premature cracking of the concrete. In addition, the high temperature can also cause a rapid increase in the permeability of the concrete which will adversely affect its durability.

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