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How to maintain the concrete foaming generator?

2022-01-13 16:31:17  Blog

The concrete foaming generator is the key equipment for preparing foamed cement and foamed concrete. The development process of foamed cement is closely related to the development of production equipment. The early foamed cement has poor performance and low output, which cannot be implemented. The area is promoted because the early foaming technology is very primitive. Until some companies still retain the original technology of mixing foaming, fan foaming, water flow stirring foaming, etc., today I will briefly introduce some simple cement foaming machines. 

Following is the maintenance steps: 

First of all, the concrete foaming generator should be connected to the three-phase four-wire cable before use (note: connect the 380V line, the letter N is connected to the neutral line) to check whether the power supply system is intact and whether the voltage is normal. Before using the cement foaming machine, check whether the machine is in normal condition, reducer, air compressor, and foam plunger pump. Connect the suction pipe of the foam plunger pump with the liquid supply barrel. When the cement foaming machine is used for the first time, the foam pump should be filled with water and run strictly.

Secondly, connect the slurry inlet of the screw pump to the slurry outlet of the mixer with a pipe. When the cement foaming machine makes cement slurry, pay attention to the procedure: first add 75 kg of water into the mixing tank. Start the mixer, slowly add 150 kg of cement and mix well. The amount of water and cement can be adjusted appropriately according to the required foamed cement strength.

Finally, the maintenance of the cement foaming machine is the same as the maintenance of the car. Only by regular inspections and good operating habits can the service life be longer and there will be no malfunctions during use.

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