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Quality resolution of lightweight partition boards

2022-01-27 16:15:51  Blog

The quality of building lightweight partition panels can be controlled from four aspects: appearance quality, dimensional deviation, drying shrinkage and strength:

(1) Appearance quality. Refers to whether there are exposed ribs, honeycombs or through cracks on the board surface. The phenomenon of exposed ribs on the slab surface is generally caused by the improper placement of the reinforcement mesh or the irregular vibration of the concrete. The appearance of honeycombs on the board surface is closely related to the quality (working performance) of concrete. The poor fluidity of concrete can easily cause the phenomenon of honeycomb pitting. In each board, the existence of honeycombs cannot be greater than 3 places. The penetration cracks of the partition board are mainly caused by the drying shrinkage of the concrete itself or the demoulding of the partition board after it is formed, and the human factors in the transportation process. For the occurrence of through cracks in the partition wall caused by human factors, it is necessary to ensure the maintenance time or improve the maintenance method to ensure the strength of the concrete before demoulding and standardize the transportation operation process to avoid the appearance of cracks.


(2) Dimensional deviation. The dimensional deviation mainly includes the length, width, thickness, diagonal difference, lateral bending and flatness of the partition board. The deviation is mainly caused by the forming mold. Generally, the partition board can be made by ensuring the dimensional accuracy of the mold used. dimensional deviations are guaranteed. The good flatness of the board surface is the premise of realizing the thin plastering or plastering-free process of the wall, and the flatness deviation of the partition board should be ≤2mm. For the wall built with aerated concrete blocks, the flatness deviation of the built wall is controlled within 4mm. It can be seen that the partition board has a great advantage in the flatness of the wall.

(3) Drying shrinkage. The drying shrinkage of concrete is an important cause of wall cracks. For concrete partition panels, the drying shrinkage should be less than or equal to 0.50mm/m.

(4) Strength. It mainly includes the compressive strength, impact resistance, flexural failure load and suspension force of the partition board. Although the partition board is a non-load-bearing member, in order to ensure the daily use of hanging items on the wall, according to JG/T 169-2016, the compressive strength of the partition board is ≥5 MPa, and the hanging force is ≥1000N. The impact resistance and bending resistance of the partition board are the prerequisites to ensure that the partition board does not have quality problems such as through cracks during transportation and installation. When the thickness is less than or equal to 150mm).

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