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The Construction of Foam concrete

2022-01-13 16:14:42  Blog

Foam concrete construction has only been developed in recent years, and is now mainly used in roof insulation construction, road and bridge backfilling, mine backfilling, wall embodying and pouring engineering and other fields.

1. First of all, we must determine the materials, the main materials are cement foaming agent and cement.

How to choose the right cement foaming agent? The compatibility of cement foaming agent and foaming machine should be considered first. There is a problem of compatibility between cement foaming agent and cement foaming machine. To understand the compatibility of cement foaming agents, it is also necessary to determine a reasonable dilution ratio of the foaming agent.

2. Cleaning up the construction site.

The first is to clean up debris and install water and electricity. Sprinkler cleaning will moisten the cast-in-place work surface. The main sprinkler must be evenly sprayed.

3. Test whether the foam generator is normal in advance. The inspection method is to dilute the foaming agent according to a certain proportion, and then make foam. Arrange the foam outside the body to check the water content of the foam and whether the viscosity of the foam is normal. Whether the pore size of the foam is about 1mm. If the moisture content is large and the cells are large, the steel wire ball may need to be replaced.

4. During the construction of the foam concrete, it should be noted that the slurry of the foam concrete cannot stay. It should be smoothed and stopped immediately after pouring. To prevent the foam from breaking and collapse of the mold after re-construction after a static stop.

5. Pay attention to the influence of air temperature during the construction of foam concrete. When the air temperature is below 10 degrees, a foaming agent with high stability and suitable for winter application should be used. When the air temperature is below 5 degrees, it is recommended to use early-strength composite Portland cement in addition to the good foaming agent. 

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