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The Method of Optimum Dosage of Concrete superplasticizer

2022-01-13 16:28:41  Blog

The action mechanism of concrete superplasticizer

After the cement is mixed with water, due to the gravitational force between the cement particles, a lot of flocculent structures will be formed, and 10%-30% of the water will be wrapped in it, thus greatly reducing the fluidity of the concrete mixture. When an appropriate amount of superplasticizer is added, the superplasticizer molecules are oriented and adsorbed on the surface of cement particles, and the hydrophilic groups of the superplasticizer point to the aqueous solution. Due to the dissociation of the hydrophilic groups, the surface of the cement particles is charged with the same electric charge. And increase with the increase of the superplasticizer concentration, resulting in electrostatic repulsion, resulting in mutual dispersion of cement particles, disintegration of the flocculation structure, and a significant decrease in the number of pores. The release of the mixing water in the package can effectively increase the mixing of concrete. The fluidity and compactness of objects.

Factors affecting the effect of concrete superplasticizer

1. Different cements have different clinker components. The higher the content of MgO in the clinker components, the greater the impact of the superplasticizer on the performance of the concrete, and the easier it is to cause micro-cracks in the concrete.

2. The specific surface area and particle gradation of cement affect the dispersion effect of superplasticizer. Generally speaking, cement with larger specific surface area, mixed with the same superplasticizer, has obvious effect and greatly improves fluidity.

3. Alkali content significantly affects the fluidity of the cement system of the superplasticizer. The higher the alkali content, the lower the fluidity of the cement. Experiments show that the use of high-efficiency superplasticizer for high-alkali cement will reduce the water reduction rate.

The conclusion of concrete superplasticizer

Due to the differences in the characteristics and chemical composition of different types and batches of cement, the brand of superplasticizer and the optimum amount of concrete superplasticizer should be determined by experiments based on different cements and superplasticizer. It is simple, accurate and reliable to determine the content of concrete superplasticizer based on the manufacturer’s instructions and the percentage of cement consumption. It is simple, accurate and reliable to ensure the quality of the project, reduce the cost of the project, and make the construction work Get the best results.

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