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The Use of Plasticizers in Concrete

2023-06-30 16:00:03  Blog

The use of plasticizers in concrete increases its workability & reduces its water content to produce more dense & stronger concrete. They are useful for situations where maintaining workability for a long time is difficult, when mass concreting of a large volume is required, pumping concrete, construction of pile foundations or when underwater concreting is necessary.

These chemicals work by adsorbing to the cement particles and creating an electrostatic charge that makes them repel each other. Lignins, sulfonated naphthalene condensates and lignosulfonates are common high range water reducers, however newer based polycarboxylic ethers are also available. These chemicals have a high tolerance for slight changes in water content and they are also less prone to bleeding and segregation compared to normal plasticizers.

Plasticizers are also effective at dispersing coarse aggregates like fly ash, ground granulated blast furnace slag and silica to allow for air entrainment. This increases slump for easier placement of the concrete and creates denser & more durable concrete.

Fritz-Pak offers two standard concrete plasticizers to fit your needs: Supercizer 1 & Supercizer 5. Our standard plasticizers are designed to increase your slump by up to six inches and reduce your water requirement by 20%. If you need a higher early strength, we recommend using one of our premium concrete plasticizers: Supercizer 2 or Supercizer 7.

Plasticizers are ideal to be used along with accelerators to speed up the setting of the concrete, and they also pair well with other admixtures and additives besides cement. They are an ideal choice for your green construction needs as they contain no formaldehyde and require up to 30% less water than a typical concrete mix.

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