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The Working Principle and Function of Cement Foaming Machine

2022-01-13 16:08:00  Blog

The cement foaming machine uses high-pressure air as the air source. Due to the relatively large air pressure, air leakage is also prone to occur. When air leakage occurs, the amount of foaming will be reduced and the quality of the foam will decrease. The situations that are likely to cause air leakage are: long-term use of high-pressure air rafts, aging and rupture, causing air leakage; long-term use of tracheal joints that have been damaged and causing air leakage; solenoid valves or other parts production failures resulting in air leakage; bubble-making device sealing or sealing failure Cause an air leak.

Regarding the civil cement foaming machine, it is necessary to increase the amount of cement, appropriately increase the sand rate or add a part of fly ash, and use a lower slump. When using fly ash cement, the fluidity of the concrete is better, but the early bleeding is larger, it is better to use a lower slump, and pump as continuously as possible. The amount of cement should be appropriate. If the amount of cement is insufficient, the pumping volumetric efficiency will be reduced, and the transportation resistance will increase significantly, and the water retention of this kind of concrete is very poor, prone to bleeding, segregation and blockage; if the amount of cement is too large, the viscosity of the concrete will be too high and the transportation resistance will be increased. Increases, but the pumping volumetric efficiency does not change much. Compared with gravel aggregates with the same particle size and gradation, gravel concrete uses a larger amount of cement. For fine aggregates, artificial crushed sand is more cement than natural sand. The smaller the pipe diameter and the longer the pipe, the higher the fluidity, lubricity, and water retention of concrete are required, so the amount of cement should be increased. If the aggregate gradation is appropriate, the larger the size of the large aggregate, the smaller the amount of cement: but when the size of the aggregate exceeds 30 mm.

This kind of polymer foam concrete of civil cement foaming machine has high-quality elasticity, and its floating force is several times to tens of times higher than foam concrete and ordinary concrete under the same conditions. The polymer foam concrete can be stabilized in the concrete during the curing process. The gradual thinning of the foam wall offsets the tensile force generated by the foam mud during the hardening process, and physically breaks, so that the polymer foam concrete does not shrink from the foam mud to the hard object, and the resulting polymer foam concrete does not deform. When the ratio of cement to sand is 2~4 times and the bulk density is 800~1200kg/m3, polymer foam concrete will not be squeezed and broken when poured into a height of about 50cm~100cm, causing gas to escape. Therefore, the foaming agent for preparing foamed concrete must have high-efficiency catalysis, dispersion, polymerization, early-strength and benign development of cement, and the property of not being decomposed in high alkali. It is a water-soluble, high-polymer auxiliary.

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