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The components of cement foaming agents and related equipment

2023-10-12 09:33:13  Blog

How much do you aware of cement foaming agents?

Cement foaming agent, also known as foam concrete foaming agent, is an additive that can reduce the surface tension of liquid, produce a large number of uniform and stable foam, and produce foam concrete. Foaming agent is a type of substance that will produce a lot of foam when its aqueous solution is introduced into the air by mechanical force. This substance is a surfactant or surfactant. The essence of foaming agents is their surface activity. Without surface activity, foaming cannot occur and cannot become a foaming agent. Surface activity is the core of foaming.


What is the reason we need concrete foaming agents?

Cement foaming agent plays a crucial role as an important building material in the manufacturing process of concrete. Due to the characteristics of cement foaming agents, it is helpful to produce foam concrete with superior performance, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Firstly, cement foaming agents can significantly improve the insulation performance of concrete. By introducing bubbles into the concrete, cement foaming agents make the concrete more lightweight while reducing heat conduction and achieving good insulation effects. This means that using cement foaming agents can effectively reduce the energy consumption of buildings and achieve energy conservation and emission reduction.

Secondly, cement foaming agents can also improve the sound insulation effect of concrete. The presence of bubbles reduces the propagation of sound waves, making concrete have good sound insulation performance. This has important application value for environments that require noise reduction, such as schools, hospitals, etc.

In addition, cement foaming agents can also improve the durability of concrete. Due to the stable existence of bubbles, the humidity inside the concrete decreases, reducing the possibility of chemical and microbial corrosion, thereby extending the service life of the concrete.

In general, cement foaming agent plays an important role in the manufacture of foam concrete. It improves the performance of concrete by introducing bubbles, achieving improvements in energy conservation, noise reduction, and durability. Therefore, in the field of construction, the use of cement foaming agents is very necessary.


What are the components of cement foaming agents?

  • Foaming agent

The main component is a polymer organic compound, also known as a surfactant. Its main function is to trigger the reaction between cement and another chemical substance (usually water) to produce bubbles, making concrete or mortar materials lightweight and with good insulation performance. There are many types, such as protein type, polyurethane type, phospholipid type, silicone oil type, etc.

  • Catalyst

A chemical substance that promotes reaction. Its role is to shorten the setting time of gel and improve the strength and thermal stability of concrete. Common catalysts include zinc oxide, manganese salts, copper salts, etc.

  • Stabilizer

An auxiliary component is used to prevent adverse phenomena such as delamination, collapse, and deactivation of the foaming agent, ensuring the stability and uniform distribution of bubbles in concrete. Commonly used stabilizers include compounds of phospholipid type, silicone oil type, alkyd type, and other types.

For the components of large cement foaming agents, other chemical substances and raw materials such as water, bone glue, urea formaldehyde resin, etc., may also be added according to specific formulas and performance requirements. The specific formula and ingredient ratio are usually adjusted according to actual application scenarios and specific requirements.


What is the best way to select equipment?

By selecting the appropriate type of cement foaming agent and using the appropriate equipment, it is possible to create high-quality cement products with improved performance characteristics that meet specific project requirements. 

The light soil/foam concrete produced by the well-known cement foaming machine has light weight, good thermal insulation performance, sound insulation and fire resistance performance, low elasticity and shock absorption, strong waterproof performance, good durability, and environmental protection. Good environmental protection, convenient construction and other characteristics. It is extremely important for projects such as roof insulation, foamed concrete filling and backfilling, road and bridge subgrade construction, and floor heating construction.


  • Components of cement foaming machine with a displacement of about 40-50m3/h

1. Model 50 extrusion cement foaming machine

Its components are composed of pumping system, foaming system, mixing system, feeding system, frame, and electrical control cabinet. The extrusion system is used. The pressure is greater, and of course the pumping distance is farther. However, this model needs to be used in combination with a screw feeder and is suitable for heat insulation, filling, warmth, slope finding, and other projects in high-rise building districts.

2. Model 50 hydraulic cement foaming machine

This model adopts a hydraulic system container design. The components are composed of foaming cavity, extrusion pump, mixer, control cabinet, screw air compressor, 75 single-hose pump, etc. It is suitable for highway roads, bridges, etc. Large-scale foam concrete backfilling projects such as backfilling of bridge abutments, refilling and heightening above tunnels, filling of large coal mines, and backfilling of soft foundations for road widening. 

  • Components of cement foaming machine with a displacement of about 70-100m3/h

This range is generally 80 models. This type of machine can meet large-scale projects such as pavement filling and abutment backfilling with stringent requirements for the quality of air bubble mixed lightweight soil (foamed concrete). It is composed of 75 double hose pumps, power sensors, three cameras, air compressors, mixing barrels, electrical control cabinets, mixers, extrusion pumps, one-way valves, screw feeders, etc.



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