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What are the Advantages of Foamed Cement Walls

2022-01-13 16:06:53  Blog

Since the advent of foamed cement technology, it has indeed added a lot of brilliance to the construction industry of various countries. Due to its various advantages, it has been applied to all aspects of the construction industry in recent years. So, what are its advantages?

1. The product does not use fire bricks. Fire brick is a high energy consumption and high emission industry. The emergence of this product has saved a lot of coal resources and opened up shale mines, which has played a considerable role in protecting the environment.

2. This product only needs a small amount of sand when making the template, which accounts for less than one-tenth of the overall amount. Reducing the harm of sand mining to the riverbed is also the direction of the national environmental protection policy.

3. This product has the function of heat preservation and heat insulation, making the room warm in winter and cool in summer, reducing the power consumption of air conditioning and heating.

4. Due to its light weight, this product is less than one-fifth of the weight of the traditional wall of the same volume, which can greatly reduce the weight of the building. On the contrary, it greatly improves the earthquake resistance of buildings of the same level and has an outstanding effect on protecting people's lives.

5. This product is a finished product of fine-pored cement, which is light in weight and tough. It has the convenient effect of using expansion bolts for wall pendants that cannot be achieved by hollow fire bricks.

6. The I-shaped connection technology developed by this product is decorated with integrated ceramic tiles and stones, which are integrated with the wall, and there is no risk of falling off at high altitude. Compared with the current dry hanging technology, it greatly saves labor and steel consumption. It also plays a positive role in national energy conservation and emission reduction.

7. The on-site pouring method adopted by this product requires only air and water, and a small amount of cement is added, which greatly saves the transportation and transshipment costs of building materials. Reduce oil consumption and exhaust emissions in a disguised form.

8. This product is an assembling method of connecting parts, which is convenient and fast, and greatly saves the labor cost of wall construction.

9. This product is a mold-free perfusion method. There is no need to slot for water and electricity installation. The base is directly installed on the free-to-dismount template. It is convenient and convenient to connect the pipe fittings and saves the labor of slotting and backfilling.

10. Before pouring this product, you can put construction waste bricks, cement blocks, etc. in the template, which not only has no emissions, but also saves construction slag transfer costs. Reduce environmental pollution.

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