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What are the Requirements for the Concrete Chemical Foaming for Its Mixing Equipment

2022-01-13 16:03:01  Blog

According to the characteristics of chemical foaming, ordinary concrete mixers or mortar mixers are definitely not acceptable. Chemical foaming has some special requirements for mixers that are different from ordinary concrete or ordinary mortar mixers.

1. High-speed or ultra-high-speed mixing

Because chemical foaming requires high uniformity and has a physical activation effect on the slurry, conventional low-speed mortar mixers or concrete mixers are difficult to achieve. The rotation speed of the conventional mixer is only 20-40r/min, and the rotation speed is too low. It is difficult to achieve high uniformity and physical activation. The rotation speed of the chemical foaming mixer should reach 1400~3000/min in the late stage of mixing (after 2min).

2. With stepless speed change or speed regulation function

If only one mixer is installed in the mixing system, in order to adapt to the different characteristics of the three stages of foamed cement mixing: dry first, then thin, and then thick, the speed of the mixer must first mix the dry material at low speed, then mix the thin slurry at medium high speed, and finally exceed High-speed activation and mixing of blowing agent. In this way, the use of constant speed stirring is not feasible, and it is necessary to adopt stepless variable speed or speed regulating stirring to adapt to the different speed requirements of different stirring stages.

3. It must have a strong effect of rapid mixing of the upper and lower slurries because the foaming agent is added later and added to the surface of the slurry. Therefore, the mixer must have the effect of uniformly mixing the upper and lower slurries in a very short time. , Otherwise the foaming agent floats on the upper part of the slurry, which will cause uneven foaming and excessive density difference.

4. The mixer should be the main vertical type. The horizontal mixer has large thrust and strong resistance to breaking, but it is difficult to achieve high speed. Therefore, horizontal mixing is only suitable for the initial mixing of cement and other solid powder materials with water to help overcome the large resistance of the initial mixing. But it is not suitable for the mixing of slurry in the middle and late stages. The speed of the horizontal mixer is too low and the mixing time is too long. Vertical high speed should be used in the middle and late stages. Only a vertical mixer can achieve high speed or super high speed.

5. Strong anti-blocking and anti-sticking ability, easy to clean. Most of the chemical foamed slurries have the characteristics of early strength and fast hardening, fast coagulation, and the slurry is easy to condense on the wall of the mixing drum and the mixing blades. It is difficult to clean, especially easy to block. Material pipelines and valves. The discharge valve is blocked during summer production, which is the most common production accident in the past two years. Therefore, it should have anti-blocking and anti-sticking function, and easy to clean.

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