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What is CLC aerated bricks

2022-03-11 09:08:39  Blog

What is CLC aerated bricks?

CLC air-entrained brick refers to the preparation of foaming agent into foam by physical methods, and then adding the foam to the slurry made of cement, aggregates, admixtures, admixtures and water. Pouring, molding and curing to form lightweight microporous concrete. CLC aerated bricks are divided into cast-in-place CLC aerated bricks (cast-in-place CLC aerated bricks at the construction site) and CLC aerated brick products (prefabricated CLC aerated brick blocks or building components at the factory), while CLC aerated bricks Air brick products are further divided into lightweight foam blocks and lightweight foam insulation boards.

Modern architectural design and construction pay more and more attention to the free settlement of buildings during construction. Due to the difference in the dead weight of each part of the building group, there will be a difference in free settlement during the construction process. During the building design process, it is required that the foundation of the lower dead weight of the building must be filled with soft materials as a compensation foundation. CLC air-entrained bricks can better meet the requirements of compensating foundation materials. 

CLC block

What are the advantages of CLC aerated bricks:

1. The production is pollution-free. The CLC aerated brick equipment uses electricity in production, and does not use coal and other energy sources that cause environmental pollution.

2. Use industrial waste for production. The raw materials used in the production of this equipment are mainly industrial wastes such as fly ash and tailings sand, which is a model of waste recycling.

3. CLC aerated bricks have the characteristics of light weight, heat preservation and heat insulation, which can greatly help the green and low carbonization of buildings. The closed-hole structure inside the CLC aerated brick has excellent thermal insulation properties, which improves the low-carbon environmental protection performance of the house.

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