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What is concrete foam stabilizer

2022-03-17 09:41:52  Blog

What is concrete foam stabilizer?

Foam stabilizers are surfactants that have the properties of prolonging and stabilizing foam for a long time. Foam stabilizers used in liquid shampoos mainly include: alkyl alcohol amides, amine oxides, etc. Therefore, it has become the main body of shampoo, and its brand and output have developed extremely rapidly. Liquid shampoo has the highest consumption in cosmetics and the largest number of manufacturers.

Aqueous solutions of various foaming agents are used in the fields of concrete, magnesite, gypsum, urea-formaldehyde resin, etc. by using the foam emitted by the foaming machine. Because the bubbles are easily broken, the effect of the foaming agent is affected to some extent.


Concrete foam stabilizers are as follows:

Macromolecular substances

Such as polyacrylamide, polyvinyl alcohol, protein, polypeptide, starch, cellulose, etc. Such substances have a certain foam stabilization effect because they can increase the viscosity of the foam and reduce the fluidity of the foam. However, the operation is complicated, the effect is limited, and the amount of foaming is reduced.

Silicone polyether emulsion (MPS)

Such molecules can control the structural stability of the bubble liquid film, so that the surfactant molecules are distributed in an orderly manner in the bubble liquid film, and endow the foam with good elasticity and self-healing ability. Advantages: The foam stabilization effect is obvious, and it is easy to use. The disadvantage is that there are many synthetic isomers, which are difficult to control. The scope of use is limited to anions such as sodium dodecyl sulfate (K12), fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether sulfate (AES), and α-alkenyl sodium sulfonate (AOS). Foam stabilization of surfactants.

Nonionic surfactant

Dodecyl dimethyl amine oxide, alkyl alcohol amide, the foam stabilization mechanism of these substances is to reduce the repulsive force of the anionic group of the liquid film anionic surfactant to achieve foam stabilization. The foam stabilization effect is general, and the products of dodecyl dimethyl amine oxide and alkyl alcohol amide are varied, the quality is difficult to distinguish, and there are many by-products and impurities that are not conducive to foam stabilization.


This type of material has a similar foam stabilization mechanism to 3, but is insoluble in water, and is mostly used in special polyurethane foaming agents.

Foam stabilizer application

Special foam stabilizer for air-entrained concrete. It is micelle in air-entrained concrete, with strong gel strength and high micelle content, which can improve the viscosity of slurry and is beneficial to the strength of products. It has the functions of inhibiting lime digestion and degreasing (it can remove grease on the surface of aluminum powder and reduce the consumption of lime), and has strong dispersibility, which can evenly disperse and suspend solid particles in the slurry. Reduce the bulk density difference between the upper, middle and lower parts of the product, make the pore distribution uniform, significantly improve the pore structure, reduce the number of holes, improve the physical properties (strength) of the product, reduce the probability of collapse, and reduce the amount of dry material used.

Silicone amide also has the effect of stabilizing the foam of the hydrogen peroxide foam board, which can improve the early strength of the cement. It is the ideal special admixture for a new generation! The foam stabilizer product is pollution-free, easy to use (no soaking), strong wettability, and low in dosage [adding 30-50 grams per cubic meter of aerated concrete has low comprehensive cost, and is an ideal special admixture for the production of high-quality aerated concrete.

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