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What is concrete precast block mould

2022-02-28 11:56:07  Blog

What is concrete precast block mould?

Precast concrete block molds are molds for finished concrete products that are specially customized according to specific size specifications. Cement precast block molds, concrete precast molds, high-speed precast mold boxes, concrete precast block mold boxes, precast plastic molds, etc. are all other names for concrete precast block molds.

Concrete Bumper Wall Mould

Concrete anti-collision wall moulds can be produced quickly, the shape can be changed at will, and field production is not restricted. A mixer and vibrating rods can be quickly mass-produced with the anti-collision wall moulds. It is the main cement product mould for high-speed construction of high-speed railways.

Concrete arch cut-off skeleton mould

The arched skeleton steel mold is used for slope protection on both sides of highways, high-speeds and railways, that is, the steel formwork for on-site precast concrete. A set of arch skeleton steel mold includes: main arch, auxiliary arch, water cut-off trough and tie bar. The mold is a combined type, which is convenient for workers to carry. Before the arched skeleton slope protection mould is used, the worker must first measure and set out (use the lime line to mark the arrangement of the arched skeleton first); workers start to dig grooves and clean the slope from the top (the arched skeleton mould is installed from above and down) . The structure of the arch frame slope protection mould is divided into 12 parts: 2 main frames, 2 auxiliary frames, 2 side straight plates, 2 side water intercepting grooves, 2 main arch water intercepting grooves and 2 fixed tie rods.


Submerged inspection well mould

The use of submerged inspection well molds is also divided into cast-in-place and prefabrication. Both methods have their own advantages. For example, prefabricated cement rainwater wells require at least dozens of rainwater inspection wells in larger construction sites or factories. The mold is produced in batches, and then the produced prefabricated parts are sent to the ordered site for use by transportation. This method of use is more labor-saving and efficient for large-scale projects, but since the produced prefabricated parts need to undergo transportation, A firmer texture is required. Rainwater inspection well molds are generally processed in a circular way, so that the entire mold can have a certain compressive resistance, and there will be no problems of loosening and deformation when pouring the mud, so the processing operation can be carried out with confidence. Then steel molds are mostly operated outdoors and can be operated in a prefabricated manner.

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