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What is foam concrete cast-in-place wall?

2022-03-09 15:52:20  Blog

What is foam concrete cast-in-place wall?

The cast-in-place wall is about 1/5-1/10 of the ordinary concrete, so the use of foamed concrete as the wall material can greatly reduce the weight of the building, increase the floor height, and reduce the basic cost by about 10%.


Main features of foam concrete cast-in-place wall

(1) Mechanized and efficient construction:

Foaming, mixing and conveying are integrated, vertical conveying is 120 meters, and horizontal conveying is 800 meters. General buildings only need one or two working points to complete the pouring project of the whole building. The pouring capacity of 25 cubic meters per hour makes the wall The pouring efficiency is amazing. Taking the partition wall thickness of 120mm as an example, it is equivalent to completing the wall pouring of 200 square meters per hour. If it is calculated as 10 hours per day, the wall pouring of nearly 2000 square meters can be completed every day.

(2) Free formwork technology

The free formwork technology eliminates the tedious formwork dismantling process and improves the flatness of the wall surface. After pouring, the wall keel and the wall panel are connected by the poured foamed concrete. The overall effect and the quality of the wall surface are excellent. The wall plastering process is omitted, and the wall surface decoration treatment such as whitening and tiling can be directly scraped. .

(3) The template-free technology eliminates the tedious mold-supporting and mold-removing process, saves labor costs and greatly improves work efficiency.

(4) Light weight

Traditional buildings are thick walls, fat beams, and self-heavy. The dry bulk density of foamed concrete is 200-700kg/m3, which is equivalent to about 1/3-1/10 of that of clay bricks.

(5) Good thermal insulation performance

Thinning the wall, saving about 10% of the usable area: Because the foam concrete contains a large number of air bubbles and micropores, it has good thermal insulation and so on. The thermal conductivity is usually 0.09-0.17W/(m.K), and its thermal insulation effect is several times higher than that of ordinary concrete. For a 20cm thick foam concrete outer wall, its thermal insulation effect is equivalent to a 49cm clay brick outer wall.

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