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What is foam concrete insulation boards?

2022-03-07 14:10:07  Blog

What is foam concrete insulation board?

Foamed concrete thermal insulation board is a kind of lightweight thermal insulation, good durability, combustion performance reaching Class A, low carbon and environmental protection, energy saving and waste utilization. A kind of insulation board for the urgent need of fire safety.

The performance index of foam concrete insulation board:

Dry apparent density, kg/m3 200—250

Compressive strength, MPa 0.30—0.80

Thermal conductivity (dry state) W/(m.K) 0.050—0.059

Volume water absorption, % ≤15%

Combustion performance Class A

Function and characteristics of foam concrete insulation board

(1) Function of foam concrete insulation board

The external thermal insulation system of foam concrete insulation board is composed of fireproof bonding mortar, foam concrete insulation board insulation layer, flexible fireproof and anti-cracking mortar and decorative coating. A series of obvious building energy-saving effects such as reducing building energy consumption, improving living environment and reducing greenhouse effect can be achieved by thermally insulating the external envelope of the building.

Foam concrete insulation board can be used as fire isolation, and can also replace organic materials such as benzene board for external wall insulation. A-grade fire-proof foam concrete insulation board thin plastering external wall external insulation system is composed of interface mortar, A-grade fire-proof foam concrete insulation board insulation layer, thin plastering layer and finish coating, A-grade fire-proof foam concrete insulation board is bonded with adhesive The mortar is fixed on the base layer by the full adhesion method, and the glass fiber mesh is covered in the thin surface layer. Combined with steel structure, it is made into composite wall panel and ceiling system, which is used for the enclosure structure of large workshops, and can also be used for sound insulation projects.


(2) Characteristics of foam concrete insulation board

Foam concrete insulation board is a kind of lightweight material, the dry density of the product is 200-250kg/m3, and the thermal conductivity is 0.050-0.059 W/(m.K), which has a good thermal insulation and energy saving effect. The main material of the material is inorganic materials such as cement. After testing, the combustion performance reaches Class A. Strong adhesion, because the material is a cement-based porous material, it is a homogeneous material with mortar and wall, with good interface affinity, high bonding strength, strong adaptability, and construction efficiency. The product is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, low-carbon and waste-free, non-toxic and harmless, and can utilize industrial waste residues to promote sustainable development.

Good durability, cement-based closed-cell foam material has a longer service life than organic insulation materials, good high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, weather resistance, and durability. It can provide complete safe and reliable solutions and supporting materials for different finishing conditions to ensure the quality of the project. There are quite a wide range of engineering applications in China, the relevant standards and acceptance specifications are complete, and the technology is mature and reliable.

Foam concrete insulation board is an energy-saving and green environmental protection material. It is non-toxic and will not cause some bad harm to the human body. It is a reuse of industrial waste. It has strong adaptability to the outside world and is easy to construct. The convenience of foam concrete insulation board is generally a cost-effective material.

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