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Why Foam Concrete?

2022-03-28 15:46:25  Blog

What is Foam Concrete?

Foam concrete, or cellular light weight concrete (CLC) is made of cement, fly ash, water, and preformed stable foam. The purpose of adding foam to a concrete mixture is to create millions of tiny voids, or cells in the material.


Why to Use Foam Concrete?

1.    Environmentally-friendly

The raw materials used in manufacturing CLC are safe and harmless. Foaming agent is a neutral product without benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful substances. Therefore, it will not cause pollution to the environment and harm to human health.

2.    High construction efficiency

For pouring foam concrete, automation work can be realized through the usage of cement foaming machine. Long-distance transmission of 200 meters in height can be achieved. The workload is 150-300 cubic meters/day.

3.    Light weight

The density of foam concrete is smaller, and thus lighter, compared to other products. Particularly, the ultra-lightweight foam concrete with the density of 160kg/m3 is getting more and more popular in construction engineering in recent years. However, despite the light weight, foam concrete has a higher carrying capacity than ordinary concrete.

4.    Good thermal insulation

Since foam concrete contains a large number of closed small pores, it has good thermal insulation performance.

5.    Good shockproof effect

A large number of closed air holes within the foam concrete can absorb and disperse part of the impact of the shock, and thus foam concrete has better shockproof performance.

6.    Good sound insulation

Similarly, plenty of closed air holes can absorb and disperse part of the noise. This material is commonly used in the construction of high-rise buildings and highways.

7.    Fire resistance

Foam concrete is a kind of inorganic material, and its ignition point is relatively high, so it has good fire resistance performance.


Suppliers of Foaming Agents and Foam Generator

As mentioned above, the performance of the foam concrete is strongly influenced by the type of foaming agent used.

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