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Polyvinyl Acetate Ethylene VAE Copolymer Latex Powder
  • Polyvinyl Acetate Ethylene VAE Copolymer Latex Powder

Polyvinyl Acetate Ethylene VAE Copolymer Latex Powder

Appearance:White powder, free flowing
Solid content(wt%):≥98.0
Bulk density(g/L):300-500
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Polyvinyl Acetate Ethylene VAE Copolymer Latex Powder introduce:

Description of redispersible polymer powder RDP powder

Redispersible polymer powder, VAE powder, RDP powder is water-soluble redispersible powders, such as ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymers, vinyl acetate/ethylene tertiary carbonate copolymers, acrylic acid copolymers, etc., with polyvinyl alcohol as a protective colloid. Because redispersible latex powders have high bonding ability and unique properties, such as: water resistance, construction and heat insulation, etc., their application range is extremely wide.

Redispersible polymer powder has very outstanding bonding strength, improves the flexibility of the mortar and has a longer open time, imparts excellent alkali resistance to the mortar, and improves the adhesion/adhesiveness, flexural strength, water resistance, plasticity, and resistance of the mortar. In addition to abrasion performance and workability, redispersible powder has stronger flexibility in the flexible anti-cracking mortar.

Redispersible polymer powder uses:

Redispersible polymer powder can improve construction performance; 

Redispersible polymer powder can improve flow performance; increase thixotropy and sag resistance; 

Redispersible polymer powder can improve cohesion; extend open time; enhance water retention.

The effect of VAE Redispersible polymer powder can after the mortar is cured

Increase tensile strength; increase bending strength; reduce elastic modulus; improve deformability; increase material compactness; increase wear resistance; increase cohesive strength; reduce carbonization depth; reduce material water absorption; make materials have extreme excellent water-increasing (adding water-increasing rubber powder).

Parameters of Redispersible polymer powder VAE powder




White powder, free flowing

Solid contentwt%




Bulk densityg/L


Particle size

325 mesh



Minimum film forming temperature



Packaging and storage of Redispersible polymer powder

Redispersible polymer powder should be stored in a cool and dry place. The recommended period of use is six months. 

Please use redispersible powder as early as possible when used in summer. 

If stored in a hot and humid place, redispersible powder will increase the chance of agglomeration. 

Please use redispersible powder as much as possible after opening the bag. 

Paper-plastic compound square bottom valve bag, 25kg/bag.

Packaging can be customized according to customer requirements.

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