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Hollow Core Slab Solutions

Hollow Core Slab Solutions

What is hollow core slab?

Hollow core slabs are cast from lightweight concrete. The cross section of the board is made hollow, which is called a hollow board. Compared with the solid slab of the same span, the hollow slab is lighter in weight, convenient for transportation and installation, and the building height is smaller than that of the T beam of the same span, so it is used more in small-span bridges. There are many forms of hollowing out. Nowadays, the hollow core slab house building has been changed to a frame structure and a reinforced concrete structure, and the safety and quality have been further improved.

Dimensions of hollow core slab

Prefabricated hollow core slab, with span 2.4~6m,height of 120 or 180mm, and slab width 600, 900, 1200mm, etc., the diameter of the round hole is 83mm when the plate thickness is 120mm thick, and 140mm when the plate thickness is 180mm thick.

Advantages of hollow core slab

(1) Excellent use function: Compared with the open beam frame structure, the hollow slab can make the space more open and beautiful, and realize the real slab or no secondary beam slab, and the span is large.

(2) The room does not need a ceiling: Since the floor is completely flat, there is no need for ceiling decoration, and the headroom height is also increased.

(3) Excellent sound insulation effect: The closed space structure of the concrete hollow floor slab greatly reduces the transmission of floor noise. Overcome the impact noise interference between the upper and lower floors, and the sound insulation effect is remarkable.

(4) Remarkable building energy saving effect: The enclosed space structure of the concrete hollow floor slab greatly reduces the heat transfer, so that the thermal insulation performance has been significantly improved, and the building energy saving effect is remarkable.

(5) Construction is convenient and economical: Compared with general buildings, cast-in-place concrete hollow floor slabs are simpler and faster to construct and dismantle formwork, reduce formwork loss, shorten formwork dismantling time, shorten construction period, and reduce formwork loss costs and reduce project costs.

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