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Lightweight partition board solutions

Lightweight partition board solutions

What is lightweight partition board?

Lightweight partition board is a new type of energy-saving wall material. It is a kind of wall material with the same appearance as hollow floor slab, but it has male and female tongue grooves on both sides. When installing, only need to stand the board up, and the male and female falcons are painted. After a small amount of caulking mortar is applied, it can be assembled.

Lightweight partition board has the advantages of light weight, high strength, multiple environmental protection, thermal insulation, sound insulation, breathing and humidity control, fire prevention, rapid construction, and reduced wall costs. The inner layer is equipped with a reasonable layout of thermal insulation, sound-absorbing inorganic foam profiles or other thermal insulation materials. The wall panels are poured, leveled, and scientifically maintained by an assembly line. The production automation is high, and there are many specifications and varieties.

What are the general types of lightweight partition boards in the market?

At present, the common lightweight partition boards on the market include reinforced cement polystyrene board (GRC board), composite sandwich board, solid foamed cement lightweight board (ALC), gypsum hollow board, hollow cement ceramsite board, etc.

Production process of lightweight partition board

(1) First, add a certain amount of water to the mixer, then add a certain amount of cement, filler, admixture and fiber to the water and stir evenly, and then add a certain amount of foam to the mixed cement slurry and stir evenly;

(2) The mixed slurry is added to the mold through the conveying mechanism, and it needs to be in the mold for more than 12 hours;

(3) After the lightweight partition board has a certain strength, open the mold and transport the formed product;

(4) Generally formed lightweight partition panels need to be cured in the factory for 5-7 days before leaving the factory for use.

What is the main function of adding concrete superplasticizer in production?

(1) Reduce water consumption and reduce water-cement ratio;

(2) Improve the strength of foam concrete;

(3) The concrete has excellent workability, no segregation and bleeding, and the appearance and color of the concrete are uniform;

(4) It can reduce the early hydration heat of cement;

(5) The shrinkage of concrete is obviously reduced, and the freeze-thaw resistance and carbonation resistance are obviously better than those of concrete without superplasticizer.

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