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Foamed Concrete Solutions

Foamed Concrete Solutions

How to make foam concrete?

There are two methods of making foam concrete: chemical method and physical method.

(1) Chemical method: Air-entrained concrete pores are generally elliptical, and chemical gas generation is used. Through chemical reaction, gas is generated inside to form pores. The commonly used method is hydrogen peroxide or aluminum powder.

(2) Physical method: Bubble concrete is deformed by the effect of capillary pores to form a polyhedron, and usually a foam generator is used to prepare a foam from an aqueous solution of a foaming agent, and then the prepared foam and siliceous calcium materials, The slurry made of magnesite material or gypsum material is evenly stirred, formed by pouring and curing.

Structural properties of foam concrete

Due to its light weight and porousness, foam concrete also has material properties such as heat preservation, heat insulation, fire resistance and frost resistance. It has excellent physical and mechanical properties, and is a good building energy-saving material.

The mixed slurry of foamed concrete can be self-leveling and self-compacting during molding; it has good construction workability, is conducive to pumping and leveling, and has good compatibility with other building materials, and the strength can be adjusted according to needs.

What should I do if the strength of foam concrete is poor?

There are several ways to solve the strength problem:

1. Select high-grade cement for production;

2. Appropriately increase the density of foam concrete. In general, the higher the density, the better the strength;

3. Add appropriate early strength agent;

4. Reduce the water-cement ratio, which means reducing the amount of water;

5. Under the condition of constant bulk density, increase the amount of cement and reduce the amount of coal ash.

Application of foam concrete

(1) Used as a retaining wall. Mainly used as a rock wall for the port.

(2) Construction of sports fields and track and field tracks. The density of foam concrete is 800~900kg/m3. Such sports fields can be used for hockey, football and tennis activities. A layer of 0.05m-thick porous asphalt layer and plastic layer is covered on the bubble concrete, which can be used as a track and field track.

(3) As a sandwich component. Foamed concrete with density of 400~600kg/m3 can be used as the inner core in prefabricated reinforced concrete components.

(4) Pipeline backfill. The density of foam concrete depends on the diameter of the pipe and the groundwater level, generally 600~1100kg/m3.

(5) Lean concrete fill. If the requirement for thermal insulation is not high, the lean concrete filling with density of about 1200kg/m3 is used, and the average thickness is 0.05m; if the requirement for thermal insulation is high, the lean concrete filling with a density of 500kg/m3 is used. The thickness is 10-20cm.

(6) Roof slope. Foam concrete is used for roof slope, which has the advantages of light weight, fast construction speed and low price. The slope is generally 10mm/m, the thickness is 3-20cm, and the density of foam concrete is 800~1200kg/m3.

(7) The support of the tank foot. The density of foam concrete is 800-1000kg/m3.

(8) Application on the highway.

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