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Foam concrete is a kind of concrete with lightweight and has ideal strength. Because of the hollow structure in foam concrete, it has the function of absorbing heat and isolating sound. 

The density of foamed concrete is 300-1200 kg/m3, and the thermal conductivity is between 0.08-0.3W/ (m ·K). 

Foam concrete is widely used in CLC blocks, lightweight partition panels, roof insulation, floor cushion construction, floor heating backfilling, and other occasions. 

At the same time, foam concrete is also a good sound absorption material, which can be used in highway sound insulation boards, sound absorption boards, and other fields. 

Generally speaking, foam concrete is a kind of building material with multi-function, environmental protection, and economy, which has a wide application prospect.

  • In an era where durability and resilience are paramount, Waterproofing Agents have surged to the forefront of innovation, safeguarding structures and materials against the unrelenting forces of nature. These cutting-edge formulations, designed to repel moisture intrusion, are reshaping industries from construction and fashion to packaging and electronics, promising a future where waterproofing is not just an afterthought but an integral part of design excellence.


    At the heart of this waterproofing revolution lies a new generation of agents that combine advanced chemistry with eco-friendly principles. These formulations, meticulously crafted to penetrate deeply into surfaces, create an impenetrable barrier without compromising breathability or aesthetics. From inorganic compounds that enhance the hydrophobic properties of concrete and masonry to silicone-based solutions for textiles, these agents ensure long-lasting protection against water damage, corrosion, and decay. Notably, recent innovations also include bio-based alternatives, aligning with global sustainability goals.


    Waterproof agent 

    Waterproof agent


    Revolutionizing Construction: In the bustling world of construction, a groundbreaking project in Shanghai recently utilized a novel waterproofing agent that not only prevents leakage but actively suppresses mold growth and condensation—issues typically exacerbated by temperature differentials post-construction. This smart waterproofing solution, with its high insulation effect and exceptional flexibility, has set a new benchmark for skyscrapers and large infrastructure projects, ensuring longevity and energy efficiency.

    Fashion Forward: Waterproofing Meets Style:The fashion industry, too, is embracing waterproofing technology in innovative ways. A leading outdoor apparel brand recently launched a collection featuring jackets treated with a revolutionary waterproofing agent. This agent maintains the fabric's natural softness while providing unparalleled protection against rain and snow, demonstrating that high-performance gear can also be fashionable. With this technology, outdoor enthusiasts no longer have to sacrifice style for functionality.

    Sustainable Packaging Solutions:In the realm of packaging, waterproof paper is experiencing a renaissance, thanks to waterproofing agents that make cardboard and paper products resistant to moisture without relying on traditional plastic coatings. A European startup grabbed headlines by introducing a fully compostable waterproof food packaging solution, addressing both sustainability concerns and the need for reliable protection during transit and storage. This innovation underscores how waterproofing agents are contributing to a circular economy.

    Electronics: Protecting the Digital Frontier:As electronic devices become increasingly integrated into our daily lives, their vulnerability to water damage has become a critical issue. Enter waterproofing agents designed specifically for electronics. A pioneering tech company revealed a line of wearables treated with an ultra-thin, invisible coating that safeguards against accidental splashes and immersion, expanding the horizons of wearable technology for sports enthusiasts and everyday users alike.


    With continuous research and development, waterproofing agents are poised to unlock even more possibilities across industries. From enhancing the durability of solar panels to protecting historical monuments from weathering, these versatile solutions demonstrate that waterproofing is not merely defensive but a proactive measure that fosters innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. As we step into a future where adaptability to environmental challenges is crucial, the evolution of waterproofing agents stands as a testament to human ingenuity and our commitment to preserving what matters most.


    Supplier of Waterproof agent

    TRUNNANO is a supplier of Naphthalene-based high-efficiency water reducing agent SNF over 12 years experience in nano-building energy conservation and nanotechnology development. It accepts payment via Credit Card, T/T, West Union and Paypal. Trunnano will ship the goods to customers overseas through FedEx, DHL, by air, or by sea. If you are looking for high quality Naphthalene-based high-efficiency water reducing agent SNF, please feel free to contact us and send an inquiry. (

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    Jun 27
  • In the quest for greener and more efficient construction practices, Polymer Cellular Lightweight Concrete Foaming Agent (PCLCFA) has emerged as a game-changing innovation, transforming the industry with its unique blend of strength, lightness, and eco-friendliness. This advanced additive is rewriting the rules of conventional concrete, offering unparalleled benefits across a spectrum of applications, from infrastructure development to green housing solutions.


    PCLCFA is a cutting-edge formulation designed to introduce a multitude of stable air bubbles into concrete mixtures, creating a cellular structure that drastically reduces weight while maintaining or even improving structural integrity. Unlike traditional foaming agents, polymers in PCLCFA ensure consistent foam quality, better control over bubble size, and enhanced bonding with cementitious materials. The result is lightweight concrete with superior insulation properties, excellent workability, and notable reductions in material consumption and carbon footprint.


    Polymer Cellular Lightweight Concrete Foaming Agent 

    Polymer Cellular Lightweight Concrete Foaming Agent


    Green Building Revolution:The drive for sustainable architecture has placed PCLCFA at the heart of innovative building designs. A recent landmark project in eco-friendly construction utilized this foaming agent to create energy-efficient buildings with remarkable thermal insulation, reducing heating and cooling demands. The lightweight nature of the concrete also facilitated faster construction times and easier handling, making it a favorite among architects pushing the boundaries of green design.

    Infrastructure Development:Infrastructure projects worldwide are embracing PCLCCA to address the challenges of urbanization and climate change. A headline-grabbing news item showcases a major bridge construction using PCLCFA-infused concrete. The reduced weight not only eased transportation logistics but also allowed for longer spans without additional support structures, thereby minimizing environmental impact and project costs.

    Renovation and Retrofitting:In renovation works, PCLCFA is proving instrumental in overcoming the load-bearing constraints of older structures. A recent renovation of a historical building made headlines by successfully implementing lightweight concrete for floor toppings and insulation layers, preserving the original architecture while significantly improving energy efficiency and structural safety.

    Environmental Breakthroughs:Environmental concerns are driving demand for PCLCFA, as highlighted by a groundbreaking study revealing its potential in waste management. Researchers have successfully incorporated recycled plastics into the foaming process, converting plastic waste into a valuable resource for producing environmentally responsible concrete. This dual solution addresses both plastic pollution and the need for sustainable construction materials.

    Innovation on the Horizon:The future of PCLCFA seems boundless, with ongoing research exploring its potential in the 3D printing of complex architectural shapes and disaster-resistant structures. As natural disasters become more frequent, lightweight yet resilient building materials like PCLCFA-infused concretes are being developed to provide enhanced safety and quicker rebuilding capabilities.


    In conclusion, Polymer Cellular Lightweight Concrete Foaming Agent stands as a pivotal innovation in modern construction, merging technological advancement with sustainability goals. As the world embraces greener building practices and seeks solutions to combat climate challenges, PCLCFA is poised to play a central role in constructing a more resilient and environmentally conscious future. Each new application redefines the possibilities of concrete, proving that lighter can indeed be stronger and greener.

    Supplier of Polymer Cellular Lightweight Concrete Foaming Agent

    TRUNNANO is a supplier of Naphthalene-based high-efficiency water reducing agent SNF over 12 years experience in nano-building energy conservation and nanotechnology development. It accepts payment via Credit Card, T/T, West Union and Paypal. Trunnano will ship the goods to customers overseas through FedEx, DHL, by air, or by sea. If you are looking for high quality Polymer Cellular Lightweight Concrete Foaming Agent,please feel free to contact us and send an inquiry. (

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    Jun 26
  • In the field of specialty chemicals, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) occupies a place as an indispensable component, providing versatility and excellent performance in a wide range of applications. HPMC originates from cellulose and is a non-ionic, water-soluble polymer that combines the best properties of natural and synthetic polymers, making it the cornerstone of various industrial formulations.


    HPMC is a chemically modified cellulose ether characterized by excellent thickening, stability, film-forming, and water retention properties. Its unique molecular structure enables it to function in aqueous and polar solvent systems effectively. This versatility has driven HPMC to become a key component in fields such as building materials, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and food additives. By adjusting the degree of substitution and molar mass, manufacturers can customize HPMCs to meet specific requirements for each application, ensuring optimal performance.

    HPMC Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose 

    HPMC Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose


    Building Materials Revolution: In the construction industry, HPMC plays a crucial role in improving the workability, strength, and durability of building materials. A groundbreaking report from a large architectural exhibition emphasizes the use of HPMC-based tile adhesives and plastering compounds, which can significantly reduce water absorption and improve bonding strength. This innovation has accelerated construction time, reduced maintenance costs, and attracted the attention of global green building companies.

    Drug formulation progress: The pharmaceutical industry is developing new drug delivery systems using the inertness and biocompatibility of HPMC. A leading pharmaceutical company recently announced a breakthrough that details the successful application of HPMC in the production of sustained-release tablets, thereby improving patient compliance. These tablets exhibit consistent drug release characteristics, highlighting the potential of HPMC in optimizing efficacy and patient experience.

    Personal care innovation occupies a central position: personal care and cosmetics manufacturers are using the unique capabilities of HPMC to prepare face cream, lotion, and hair care products, providing an enhanced sensory experience without affecting stability. A trendsetting beauty fair features HPMC essence and facial mask to provide active ingredients with lasting moisture and improve skin permeability. These innovations meet the growing demand for natural, sustainable, and effective beauty solutions.

    The food industry adopts sustainable practices: As consumer preferences shift towards clean-label products, HPMC is becoming increasingly popular as a natural additive in the food industry. A well-known food processing company has announced its latest series of low-fat dairy products stabilized with HPMC, which can maintain taste and texture without the need for artificial thickeners. This development highlights the potential of HPMC in supporting healthier and more sustainable food formulations.


    HPMC hydroxypropyl methylcellulose demonstrates the power of chemical innovation, surpassing traditional boundaries and providing a variety of effective solutions. From enhancing the sustainability and performance of building materials to transforming healthcare and personal care products, HPMC is shaping the future of multiple industries. As these recent news highlights indicate, HPMC continues to be at the forefront of progress, enabling manufacturers to create safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly products. With the continuous progress of research and development, the full potential of HPMC has yet to be fully realized, and exciting possibilities are expected to be realized in the coming years.


    Supplier of HPMC Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose

    TRUNNANO is a supplier of Naphthalene-based high-efficiency water reducing agent SNF over 12 years experience in nano-building energy conservation and nanotechnology development. It accepts payment via Credit Card, T/T, West Union and Paypal. Trunnano will ship the goods to customers overseas through FedEx, DHL, by air, or by sea. If you are looking for high quality HPMC Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose, please feel free to contact us and send an inquiry. (

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    Jun 25
  • In the relentless pursuit of construction efficiency, a breakthrough innovation has emerged: early strength agents for concrete. This groundbreaking additive reshapes construction sites around the world by significantly reducing concrete curing time without affecting structural integrity.


    The early strength agent for concrete, carefully designed, can accelerate construction progress without sacrificing quality. By injecting this advanced concrete mixture, contractors can achieve unparalleled early compressive strength, enabling rapid removal of formwork and accelerating project progress. Its unique chemical properties activate the rapid hydration of cement, thereby increasing its strength by 50% within 24 hours after pouring, which traditional methods cannot achieve.


    Time efficiency: Significantly shorten the solidification time and promote rapid project progress.

    Performance optimization: Enhance the durability and resilience of concrete, ensuring its service life.

    Universality: Suitable for various building needs from skyscrapers to roads.

    Ecological economic synergy: Shortening construction period, saving costs, and reducing environmental footprint.

    Concrete Early Strength Agent 

    Concrete Early Strength Agent

    Due to revolutionary concrete additives, the completion of the tower has broken records: Recently, due to the strategic implementation of early strength agents for concrete, a skyscraper project was completed a few weeks ahead of schedule, making a huge achievement headline news. The builders praised this additive for helping with rapid construction, demonstrating an unprecedented acceleration in construction speed while maintaining strict quality standards.


    Sustainable infrastructure construction: Green buildings adopt early strength technology: To pay tribute to sustainability, leading green building initiatives are using concrete early strength agents as the cornerstone of their strategies. This measure not only emphasizes the pursuit of faster construction, but also emphasizes the commitment to reducing carbon emissions by shortening the energy intensive solidification period. This proves the dual role of the product in improving construction efficiency and environmental management.


    Halving the downtime of bridge repair projects: In a groundbreaking maintenance operation for a key city bridge, early strength agents played a crucial role in reducing downtime by 50%. By accelerating the concrete repair process and minimizing traffic interruptions, it demonstrates the potential of agents in infrastructure maintenance and repair work.


    To pave the way for a faster and stronger future: Early strength agents for concrete are not just an additive; It is a catalyst for the transformation of the construction industry. As these eye-catching applications demonstrate, it is fundamentally changing building methods, making things that were once considered infeasible possible. By adopting this technology, builders not only build faster, but also more intelligently, contributing to a future where speed, power, and sustainability coexist harmoniously. With the upgrading of building demand, Early Strength Agent has become a beacon of innovation, driving the industry forward at an unprecedented speed.

    Supplier of Concrete Early Strength Agent

    TRUNNANO is a supplier of Naphthalene-based high-efficiency water reducing agent SNF over 12 years experience in nano-building energy conservation and nanotechnology development. It accepts payment via Credit Card, T/T, West Union and Paypal. Trunnano will ship the goods to customers overseas through FedEx, DHL, by air, or by sea. If you are looking for high quality Concrete Early Strength Agent, please feel free to contact us and send an inquiry. (

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