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Innovative air entraining agent technology to enhance the frost resistance and durability of concrete

2024-06-11 14:16:49  Blog

Air Entraining Agent,Also known as air-entraining agent or air-entraining agent, is a chemical additive that can form and stabilize small bubbles during the concrete mixing process. The Air Training Agent can introduce and stabilize tiny air bubbles in concrete, thereby improving its performance. Improve the frost resistance of concrete, as these tiny bubbles can absorb the expansion force generated during freezing, reducing the possibility of concrete damage caused by freezing. Improve the durability of concrete, as bubbles can alleviate stress caused by chemical erosion or physical action. Improve the workability of concrete, such as increasing permeability and reducing slump loss.


Air Entraining Agent 

Air Entraining Agent


Recently, a well-known building materials company has successfully developed a new type of concrete air entraining agent. Through its unique molecular structure design, this air-entraining agent can form and stabilize small bubbles during the concrete mixing process, significantly improving the frost resistance and durability of concrete.


This air-entraining agent has the characteristic of achieving a good air-entraining effect at low dosage, and the introduced bubble size distribution is reasonable, with a good foam stabilization effect and little impact on concrete strength.In practical applications, the concrete, with the addition of this air-entraining agent, significantly reduces its compressive strength loss rate and improves its frost resistance after undergoing multiple freeze-thaw cycles.


In a large-scale bridge construction project, the concrete using this new air-entraining agent exhibited excellent frost resistance and durability. Even in the harsh winter, there is no obvious cracking or peeling of the concrete, ensuring the safety and service life of the bridge.At the same time, the air-entraining agent also improves the workability of concrete, making the pumping process smoother and improving construction efficiency.

Application of air entraining agents in concrete and large-scale bridge construction projects 

Application of air entraining agents in concrete and large-scale bridge construction projects


The successful development of this new type of air-entraining agent not only brings a new solution to the concrete industry but also promotes the technological progress and innovative development of the entire industry.Industry experts say that the application of this air-entraining agent will help improve the quality and performance of concrete products, reduce maintenance costs, and inject new vitality into the development of the construction industry.

As technology advances relentlessly and environmental standards escalate, the significance of studying and implementing concrete air-entraining agents is poised to soar. Our company remains committed to the frontier of air-entrainment technology, dedicating our efforts to the exploration and innovation of these agents, with the aim to introduce increasingly efficient and eco-friendly alternatives that will propel the concrete industry forward.

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