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Novel Features of a Cement Foaming Agent

2023-04-06 04:50:03  Blog

Novel Features

The present invention has been developed to improve the stability of the foam formed in a cementitious concrete mix. This is done by the introduction of a substance which is macromolecular and which performs a number of useful functions in the foam.

Firstly, it acts to strengthen the bubbles and prevent their collapse. Secondly, it increases the plasticity of the mortar and renders the foam more uniform in distribution throughout the pore work. Finally, it binds the water content of the mix in an even distribution throughout the foam so that tiny pockets of water are held available to the cement during setting.

The proportion of the foaming agent used varies inversely as the proportion of cement, up to about 0.3% by weight of the cement. Above about 1%, there is no increase in desirable properties imparted by the use of the foaming agent such as would justify the increased cost of greater quantities.

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