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Technical formula and technological process of homogeneous self-insulating block

2023-04-06 14:39:47  Blog

What is self-insulating block?

The homogeneous self-insulation block produced by industrial waste residue includes the main body of the homogeneous self-insulation block, and the main body of the homogeneous self-insulation block is formed by foam pouring and curing made of block slurry mixed foaming agent, and then the specific finished product specifications are obtained by cutting. 

The formula of homogeneous self-insulating block slurry is as follows: ordinary Portland cement-40%, high-performance concrete mineral admixture-50%, polyphenylene particles-10%, alkali-resistant short-cut anti-crack reinforced fiber-0.2% (added), high efficiency dispersant-0.02% (additional). The high performance concrete mineral admixture is composed of industrial waste slag, slag, fly ash and so on. 

The production process of a homogeneous self-insulating block produced from industrial waste residue includes the following steps: 

Step 1: foaming. 

The foaming agent is diluted with tap water at 1:40 and added to the foaming tank after dilution. Compressed air is put into the foaming tank by air compressor. The foaming agent is stirred by compressed air to form foam with bubble diameter ≤ 1mm to be used. 

Step 2: pulping, pouring and pre-curing. 

The raw materials such as ordinary Portland cement, mineral admixture of high performance concrete, polyphenylene particles, alkali-resistant short-cut and crack-resistant reinforced fiber, high efficiency dispersant and so on are accurately measured by the microcomputer batching system according to the proportion of the homogenized self-insulating block slurry. Add it to the forced biaxial mixer and stir it for nearly two minutes, then add foam and stir for another minute, pour the slurry evenly in the prepared mold and scrape it flat. 

Put in steam pre-curing indoor homogenization care. 

Step 3: demoulding and steaming. 

After pre-feeding for 3-4 hours, demoulding is carried out, and after demoulding, steam curing is carried out in the steam curing room; note: advanced fatty acid water-based isolating agent can be used for demoulding. 

Step 4: cutting, palletizing, packaging, inspection. 

After steam curing, the block green body reaches the strength, enters the automatic circular saw cutting line, cuts according to the required size, and the cut block is packed into the warehouse through automatic palletizing, and the finished product can be obtained after passing the inspection. 

The homogeneous self-insulation block produced by the self-insulation block process formula has lower production cost and lower weight than the traditional brick masonry, and the mechanical properties can reach the strength index of the aerated concrete block, and the construction of the block is simple and quick. and the use of industrial waste residue as raw materials to achieve the wall energy saving 65% energy saving standard, the use of the block can improve the fire performance and service life of the wall.

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