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Triterpenoid Saponin Air entraining agent
  • Triterpenoid Saponin Air entraining agent

Triterpenoid Saponin Air entraining agent

Appearance:Light yellow powder


Active matter content: >60%

Water solubility:Soluble in water

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Overview of Triterpenoid Saponin

Triterpenoid saponin is a kind of glycoside extracted from tea seeds. It is a natural surfactant with good properties. It can be widely used in light industry, chemical industry, pesticides, beverages, aquaculture, textile, oil extraction, mining, building materials, highway construction, and other fields. 

Manufacture emulsifiers, detergents, pesticide additives, feed additives, crab breeding protective agents, textile auxiliaries, oil production flotation agents, mining lubricants, aerated concrete foam stabilizers, highway antifreeze, etc. 

Product Characteristics of Triterpenoid Saponin

Triterpenoid saponin belongs to triterpenoid saponins, which are bitter and spicy and irritate nasal mucosa to cause sneezing. The pure product is a white fine columnar crystal with strong hygroscopicity, acidity to methyl red, insoluble in anhydrous methanol and ethanol, insoluble in ether, acetone, benzene, petroleum ether, and other organic solvents, easily soluble in hydrous methanol, hydrous ethanol, as well as glacial acetic acid, acetic anhydride, pyridine and so on. 

When hydrochloric acid is added to the tea saponin solution, when it is acidic, the saponins precipitate.  

Product name

Triterpenoid saponin


Light yellow powder

Active matter content


Foaming power

160-190 mm



Surface tension

47-51 mN/m

Water solubility

Soluble in water

Application Field of Triterpenoid Saponin

1) Pesticides

The environment-friendly pesticide auxiliaries refined with tea saponin as the main body can be widely used in pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides to achieve the purpose of synergism, solubilization, and attenuation. as wetting agents of wettable pesticides. Still, it can improve the wettability of pesticides and effectively improve the suspension rate of pesticides, reaching or exceeding the national standards. 

As a water-based pesticide additive, it has more advantages; it does not contain metal ions that damage the quality of pesticides because its PH value is neutral and acid, which is conducive to the storage of pesticides. 

As a synergistic and developing agent of EC-type pesticides, it can improve pesticides' physical and chemical properties with a low dosage, good control effect, fast knockdown speed, anti-rain Water scouring, long-lasting effect, and so on. Due to the surface activity of tea saponins, it can reduce the amount of pesticides by 50% to 70%, and the synergistic effect is obvious. 

At the same time, due to the repellent of tea saponin and the role of biological hormones, it is also a good biological pesticide, but it can also stimulate crop growth. 


 Application of Triterpenoid Saponin Air entraining Agent in Pesticides

2) Building materials field

Triterpenoid Saponin is a good natural surfactant. It can be used as a foaming agent and foam stabilizer in aerated concrete and light building materials. It is suggested that the content of tea saponin is between 0.4% and 1.5% of the weight of cement, with small content and low cost. 

It has the function of degreasing, improving the suspension of aluminum powder dispersion, inhibiting lime digestion, improving the stability of slurry pouring, improving the stomatal structure, and making the product more firm and reliable. Its effect is better than acacia powder, pulling powder, etc. 

Using its strong emulsifying property and dispersibility, the paraffin emulsifier has been successfully used in the sizing process of fibreboard production, which can reduce the water absorption of the product, enhance the waterproof performance, and improve the quality of fibreboard. 

3) Daily chemical field

The use of tea saponin surface activity can be used in shampoo hair dye shampoo, not only shampoo but also in anti-inflammatory and anti-itching dandruff effects are good. 

Textile field

 Application of Triterpenoid Saponin Air entraining Agent in Textile field


4) Textile field

Tea saponin, as a detergent, has less color stripping ability, will not produce velvet, and the fabric will not lose luster. 

5) Oil production and mining

Because of the surface activity of tea saponin, it can better separate hydrocarbon compounds and is suitable for petroleum exploration. Because of the serious wear of drill bit in mining, using tea saponin as a lubricant can save the bit and accelerate the exploration speed. 

6) Photography and photocopying

Diazo photocopying paper treated with tea saponin can improve the clarity and quality of photocopying, and photographic negatives treated with tea saponin can significantly improve the clarity and brightness of photos. 

 Fire extinguishing 

 Application of Triterpenoid Saponin Air entraining Agent in Fire Extinguishing Agent Field

7) Fire extinguishing agent field

Tea saponin not only has a strong foaming ability but also has a good flame retardant function. The fire extinguishing agent made of tea saponin as an auxiliary has excellent fire extinguishing performance.


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Package and shipment 

Package and transportation

Package of Triterpenoid Saponin

We have many kinds of packing, depending on the Tea saponin powder quantity.

Tea saponin packing: 1kg/bag, 25kg/barrel, or as requested.

Shipping of Triterpenoid Saponin

This could be shipped out by sea, air, or express as soon as possible once payment is received.

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How does triterpene saponin air-entraining agent improve the workability of concrete?


Triterpene saponin air-entraining agent can reduce the viscosity of concrete, making it easier to stir and pump. It can also improve the workability of concrete, making it easier to pour and vibrate, thereby improving the workability of concrete.


What effect does triterpene saponin air-entraining agent have on the strength of concrete?


Proper use of triterpene saponin air-entraining agents will not negatively affect the strength of concrete. On the contrary, because it improves the internal structure of concrete, improves the uniformity and density of concrete, it can also increase the strength of concrete to a certain extent.


What is the scope of application of triterpene saponin air-entraining agent?


Triterpene saponin air-entraining agent is suitable for various types of concrete projects, such as bridges, tunnels, highways, water conservancy projects, etc. It can be used in a variety of climates and environments and can significantly improve the durability and stability of concrete.


How to use triterpene saponin air entraining agent?


When using triterpene saponin air-entraining agent, it is necessary to add the air-entraining agent to cement or mortar in accordance with the engineering requirements and the recommended ratio in the product manual, and stir thoroughly. At the same time, attention needs to be paid to controlling the number and distribution of bubbles to obtain optimal working performance and durability.


How safe is triterpene saponin air-entraining agent?


Triterpene saponin air-entraining agent is a natural additive with high safety. However, because it is a chemical substance, long-term exposure or excessive intake of triterpene saponin air-entraining agents may have certain effects on the human body. Therefore, you need to pay attention to safety protective measures during use, such as wearing gloves, masks and other personal protective measures.

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