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A Mini Foam Generator is a Great Way to Get Your Kids Excited!

2023-03-11 01:00:03  Blog

A mini foam generator is a great way to get your kids excited. It's simple to build and inexpensive, making it a great option for parties or family gatherings. It's also a lot of fun for adults, as you can shoot a stream of foam from it that will float around your head and onto your face!

Mini Excel High Expansion Foam Generator

The Mini Excel is a true one man portable high expansion foam generator capable of producing large volumes of Hi-Ex foam. Powered by a bronze pelton wheel, it only requires a pressurised water supply and synthetic foam concentrate to operate.

Viper Li’l Bit

The Viper Li'L Bit Foam Generator is the ideal solution for customers who require small amounts of foam to work with their portable concrete mixers. Constructed to the same commercial quality standards as our larger commercial Viper Turbo-Air generators, it is a very lightweight unit that can be transported easily by one person.

iFoam Mini

The iFoam mini foam generator is an extremely versatile and safe solution for use on terraces, roofs and elevated areas with difficult access. It is an efficient means of spraying active foam, providing 80 litres per minute through a single nozzle.

National Foam HI-EX®

The National Foam range of Hi-Expansion foaming agents are specifically designed for use with their high expansion foam generating equipment. These firefighting products are also proving their reliability in controlling Liquefied Natural Gas [LNG] fires, as they block heat feedback from the flames to the LNG, reducing its vaporization rate and thereby preventing the development of high vapour concentrations downwind.

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