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Alkali-free Concrete Additives Liquid Concrete Accelerator
  • Alkali-free Concrete Additives Liquid Concrete Accelerator

Alkali-free Concrete Additives Liquid Concrete Accelerator

Dosage: 6-9% of the cement weight

Chloride content: ≤ 0.1 0%

Total alkali content: ≤15 0%

Initial setting time: 5min

Final setting time: 12min

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Overview of Non-alkali Concrete Accelerator

Alkali-free concrete accelerator(cement accelerator) is a new generation, environmentally-friendly, chlorine-free and alkali-free liquid accelerating admixtures developed using a new synthetic inorganic and organic materials technology. It can significantly promote water and mud hydration, increase concrete strength, and is compatible with various types of cement.

The concrete accelerator admixture can be widely used in various projects' wet spraying construction process, reducing dust during construction, less rebound loss, good concrete homogeneity, and significant economic benefits.

Technical Performance of Non-chloride Accelerator

Concrete accelerator curing time is fast, the initial setting adhesion is good, and the thickness of one shot can be 8-150mm. Low resilience and good workability. The working face is free of dust, chlorine, and alkali, which is beneficial to the health of operators. There is no loss in the later strength of concrete.

Use of Accelerator in Concrete

The dosage of concrete accelerator is 6-9% of the cement weight.

The concrete accelerator can replace the same amount of water, and the actual mixing amount should be determined after adjustments are made according to the cement type, label and construction temperature.

Scope of Adaptation of Non-chloride Accelerator

Non-chloride accelerator is suitable for spray concrete construction and leak plugging of underground engineering such as mine engineering, coal mine, shaft engineering, highway, railway, traffic tunnel engineering, shotcrete anchor support concrete, urban construction, national defence, water conservancy, and ground cement concrete. Construction and concrete emergency rescue, emergency repair and reinforcement works.

spray concrete construction

spray concrete construction

leak plugging of underground engineering

leak plugging of underground engineering

How to Use Non-chloride Accelerator

Before using non nonchloride accelerator, it is necessary to make a trial mix of the cement and this agent for adaptability and optimum mixing amount.

Concrete accelerator admixture is recommended to use a water-reducing agent with a low water-cement ratio to achieve better results.

The content of concrete accelerator admixture can be controlled by a flow hopper or a precision water meter.

Non-chloride accelerator should be stirred evenly after opening the barrel. If it cannot be used up once, it should be sealed and stored.

If a non-chloride accelerator comes in contact with the skin, rinse immediately with clean water; if it splashes into the eyes, rinse with clean water and seek medical help for disposal.

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Package and shipment

Package and transportation


Package of Non-chloride Accelerator

Packed in a plastic drum, 250kg/drum, can be packed according to user requirements.

Storage and Transportation of Non-chloride Accelerator

During transportation, load and unload with care to prevent spillage. It should be stored in a warehouse, protected from rain and sun. The validity period is six months.

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What is the difference between alkali-free liquid concrete accelerator and traditional accelerator?


Compared with traditional accelerators, alkali-free liquid concrete accelerators are easy to use, environmentally friendly, and highly efficient. It can significantly improve the early strength of concrete, speed up project progress, and has a lower dosage. At the same time, alkali-free liquid concrete accelerators have lower alkali content and have less impact on the durability of concrete. The dosage of traditional accelerators is relatively high and will have a negative impact on the later strength of concrete.


What issues should be paid attention to in the production and use of alkali-free liquid concrete accelerator?


When producing and using alkali-free liquid concrete accelerator, you need to pay attention to the following points: First, you must choose appropriate raw materials and preparation processes, and control the quality and stability of the product; secondly, you must strictly follow the product instructions during use. Carry out the operation and control the dosage and ratio; in addition, pay attention to the storage and transportation safety of the product.


What should you pay attention to when using alkali-free liquid concrete accelerator?


When using alkali-free liquid concrete accelerator, you need to pay attention to the following points: first, use it in strict accordance with the product instructions, and control the dosage and proportion; secondly, pay attention to stirring evenly to avoid problems such as uneven local hardening; in addition , we should also pay attention to controlling the construction environment to avoid the influence of external factors on the quality of concrete.


What is the price of alkali-free liquid concrete accelerator?


The price of alkali-free liquid concrete accelerators varies depending on factors such as brand, specification, manufacturer, etc. Generally speaking, the prices of alkali-free liquid concrete accelerators vary. The specific price needs to be negotiated based on actual demand and purchase volume. It is recommended to choose regular brands and channels for purchase to ensure quality and after-sales service.


What is the difference between accelerating and retarding agents?


Accelerating admixture is an admixture that can quickly set and harden concrete. It is mainly used in situations where higher strength needs to be obtained in a shorter period of time. Accelerating setting agents are generally inorganic salts that can react with components in cement to form cement and improve the strength and early setting speed of concrete.

Retarder is an admixture that can delay the setting time of concrete. It is mainly used in long-term construction or situations where concrete is used in large quantities. Retarder generally achieves the effect of delaying setting by changing the growth and growth pattern of crystals in cement.

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