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Foaming agent

Foaming agent

TR-A Concrete Foaming Agent
  • TR-A Concrete Foaming Agent
  • TR-A Concrete Foaming Agent

TR-A Concrete Foaming Agent

Apperance: Transparent liquid

Usage amount(kg/m3): 0.75-1.25

Foaming multiple: ≥30

Bleeding rate(ml): 27

Dilution factor: 1 : 30 - 50

Packing: 25 kg/barrel, 200 kg/barrel, IBC Tank

Concrete foaming agent is an additive that is used for lightweiht concrete products.

Foamed concrete is a high working, low density material that can absorb up to 50-80% of the air.

Foam concrete is generally self-leveling, self-compacting, and pumpable.

The risk of plastic shrinkage or settling cracks is significantly lower than that of standard concrete.

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Overview of Concrete Foaming Agent

TR-A Concrete Foaming agent produced by Plant mixture can reduce concrete density, resulting in lightweight concrete.TR-A Foaming Agent is a highly concentrated, highly efficient liquid used to produce Foamed Concrete products.

As a professional concrete foaming agent supplier, TRUNNANO can provide you with the best foaming agent price and solutions for foam concrete products such as CLC blocks, lightweight partition boards, etc.

Parameters of Concrete Foaming Agent




Transparent liquid

Efficient Solid content


Usage amount(kg/m3)


Foaming multiple


Bleeding rate(ml)


Storage method

Store in a cool, dark place to prevent freezing and high temperature.

Applications of Concrete Foaming Agent:

foam concrete filling

Foam concrete filling

room insulation

Roof insulation

Besides, there are some other applications: CLC Blocks, lightweight partition boards, Retaining wall, Support for tank feet, Highway subgrade construction, etc.

Foam Concrete Production Process:

1. Weigh the foaming agent, then add 30 times water to dilute it to make a foaming liquid;

2. Put the cement, sand, and stones into the mixer in turn, and prepare the concrete slurry;

3. Start the foaming machine, and send the foaming liquid into the foam through the foam generator;

4. Add the foam into the horizontal mixer according to the predetermined amount and mix it evenly;

5. Send the prepared foaming slurry to the molding machine or mold.

The Advantages of Concrete Foaming Agent:

High foaming ratio

The foam is fine and stable

Low bleeding

Good adhesion with cement


why choose us

Why choose us


Company Profile

TRUNNANO is the global leader in Low-Density Cellular Concrete (LDCC), Celluar Light Concrete (CLC), and advanced engineered foam solutions. Known globally for its commitment to research, innovation, and applied expertise, we have been providing engineered foam solutions since the early 2012's.

We can supply high-quality Concrete Foaming Agent such as Polymer Cellular Lightweight Concrete Foaming Agent, TR-C Polymer Foaming Agent,TR-A Concrete Foaming Agent all over the world.

The company has a professional technical department and quality supervision department, a well-equipped laboratory, and equipped with advanced testing equipment and after-sales customer service center.Send us an email or click on the needed products to send an inquiry.

Package and shipment 

Package and transportation

Package of TR-C Polymer Foaming Agent

25 kg/barrel, 200 kg/barrel, IBC Tank



How to store and transport concrete foaming agent?

Answer: When storing and transporting concrete foaming agent, the following points should be followed: 1. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and high temperatures; 2. Avoid mixing impurities or foreign matter; 3. Avoid severe vibration and inversion during transportation.


What safety precautions should be paid attention to when using concrete foaming agent?

Answer: When using concrete foaming agents, you should pay attention to the following safety matters: 1. Avoid eye contact or inhalation of gases produced by the foaming agent; 2. Wear protective equipment such as masks, gloves, etc. during operation; 3. The workplace should be kept in good condition ventilation.


How to solve problems with concrete foaming agents?

Answer: If problems such as too much or too little foam occur during the use of concrete foaming agents, methods such as adjusting the proportion, increasing the mixing time, and changing the brand of foaming agent can be used to solve the problem.


How to use concrete foaming agent correctly?

Answer: When using concrete foaming agents, you should operate according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer, control the proportion and dosage, and avoid too much or too little foam. At the same time, the mixing should be maintained evenly to avoid precipitation or agglomeration to ensure the quality and performance of foam concrete.


How to identify the authenticity of PP fiber?

Answer: The authenticity of PP fiber can be identified by observing the appearance, burning test, dissolution test and other methods. Real PP fiber has a smooth appearance, uniform color, no irritating smell when burned, and is soluble in organic solvents such as acetone. The counterfeit PP fiber has a rough appearance, uneven color, and a pungent smell when burned.


How to ensure the foam stability of concrete foaming agent?

Answer: Foam stability is an important performance indicator of concrete foaming agents, which can be ensured by adding stabilizers, adjusting formulas and using high-quality raw materials.


How to use concrete foaming agent correctly?

Answer: When using concrete foaming agent, the slurry should be prepared according to the ratio provided by the manufacturer, and then the foaming agent should be added to the mixer for stirring. At the same time, parameters such as foaming time and temperature should also be controlled during the foaming process to ensure that The foam is uniform and stable. Evenly, and finally pour the foam concrete at the desired location.

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