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High temperature resistant aerogel felt
  • High temperature resistant aerogel felt

High temperature resistant aerogel felt



Maximum temperature:600℃ 


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Description of aerogel felt.

Silica aerogel blanket, an aerogel panel, is a material with excellent thermal insulation properties. Its pore size is lower than the mean free path of air molecules under normal pressure. Therefore, the air molecules in the silica aerogel gap are approximately static, thus avoiding air convection heat transfer, while silica aerogel is extremely low. The volume density and the curved path of the nano-grid structure also prevent gas and solid heat conduction, and the void walls can minimize heat radiation. These three aspects work together to block almost all the ways of heat transfer. Silica aerogel achieves a thermal insulation effect unmatched by other materials and is even far lower than the thermal conductivity of a few air at room temperature of 0.025W/m•K, reaching 0.018 Below W/m•K.


Physical and chemical indicators of aerogel felt.







Maximum temperature




Burning class




Tensile strength


Compression performance


Thermal Conductivity







Features of aerogel felt

(1) Low thermal conductivity

The thermal insulation performance is five times that of traditional material at room temperature: about 0.02 w/(m*k), which is even lower than the thermal conductivity of air.

(2) High level of fire protection

Non-combustible Class A. No smoke, no drips, and no harmful gases.

(3) Excellent waterproof performance

Water repellency rate>99%, mass moisture absorption rate<0.5%.

(4) Long service life

Silica aerogel has a unique three-dimensional network structure, and there is no melting, sintering, or pulverization under long-term use at 650℃. Silica aerogel is an inorganic material, and it does not age under long-term ultraviolet radiation and has good weather resistance.

(5) Green and environmental protection

Silica aerogel blanket does not contain chlorides and halogens and can be used for landfill disposal. It has passed the EU RoHS testing.

(6) Flexible, light and easy to install

Silica aerogel blanket is easy to cut, not easy to deform and has less loss, which is particularly conducive to installation. Disassembly is also simple, and downtime can be reduced during periodic maintenance without the need to purchase alternative insulation materials.

(7) Hydrophobic and breathable

Silica aerogel blanket has a water repellency rate of 99%, but it allows steam to escape, helping to keep the equipment longer and drier. The protection against corrosion under the insulation layer is enhanced, and its service life is longer.


Application fields of aerogel felt

(1) Transportation

EMU roof insulation, new energy electric vehicle battery insulation, ship deck, ship bulkhead. The lithium battery has a wide operating temperature range of -20℃-60℃, and electric vehicles with excellent battery temperature control and electronic control performance can make the car warm in winter and cool in summer, safer, and have strong endurance and long service life.

(2) City heat network

Urban central heating, heating room, petrochemical industry, steam insulation pipeline, etc. The heat loss is only 25% of traditional pipes.


Thermal insulation equipment and pipelines in thermal power plants, thermal power plants, and nuclear power plants. Reduce heat loss and save materials.


High-temperature steam injection production pipeline insulation of heavy oil and insulation of medium pipelines of refining equipment.

(4)Aerospace Military Industry

The mezzanine in the spacesuit, detectors, aircraft cabins, nuclear submarines, tanks, steam-powered guided-missile destroyers, nuclear reactors, evaporators, boilers, and complex high-temperature steam pipeline systems.

(5)LNG storage and transportation

LNG pipeline, LNG ship. The temperature of liquefied natural gas (LNG) at atmospheric pressure is about -162°C. The thermal conductivity of aerogel is low, the fire rating is A1, and the hydrophobicity is greater than or equal to 99%.

(6)Building insulation

Roof, floor, door and window glass, interior and exterior walls, etc.


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