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Advantages of CLC Block

2023-04-09 11:15:03  Blog

clc block is a lightweight concrete block, made by mixing cement, fly ash slurry, water, and foaming agents. These blocks are three times lighter than traditional clay bricks or fly ash bricks, and they cost less to produce.

Light Weight & Faster Construction: A block is light in weight and density ranges from 300 to 1800 Kg/m3 which leads to faster construction. These blocks are also more eco-friendly as they do not release harmful effluents to air, water, or soil.

Reduced Power Consumption: They are excellent for thermal insulation and keep houses cool in summers and warm in winters, saving on electricity bills. Moreover, they are very easy to install and need minimal maintenance which saves energy and time.

Sound Insulation: The blocks have sound-absorbing properties that make them a good choice for insulating homes and offices from outside noises, especially in noisy cities. They are also very resistant to cracks because they have no interconnecting water pockets like traditional bricks.

Low Water Absorption: They absorb water only a small amount which is far lower than concrete or traditional bricks. This helps to avoid cracking in walls and reduces paint costs.

Earthquake Resistance: The lightweight nature of these blocks means that they resist earthquakes better than clay bricks and fly ash bricks, making them ideal for high-risk areas.

Cellular lightweight concrete (CLC) blocks are a new kind of concrete block that has many advantages over traditional bricks. They offer a wide range of benefits, including low thermal conductivity, fire protection, and dimensional stability. These blocks are a great choice for architects, builders, and home owners.

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