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2023-04-07 06:00:03  Blog

foam concrete is an alternative building material, which offers a lightweight mixture for construction of structural frames and footings. It is light, pliable and can be easily transported to the site.

It can be used to make large building blocks for patriation and load-bearing walls with any dimension. This reduces the time for the construction process and provides a much better finish to the structure.

Propump Engineering have designed and manufactured bespoke “inline” foam production systems for this purpose. They produce foam simultaneously as the base mix is pumped. This means that a complete delivery of 6m 3 from a ready mix supplier is processed with the foam added at the point of delivery.

Low strength: The compressive strength of a pure foam concrete without any additions is about 5-8 MPa and the density is about 1000 kg/m3. High thermal insulation: The cellular microstructure makes foam concrete more resistant to fire.

Corrosion: The cellular structure also makes foam concrete more resistant to corrosion.

Self-compacting: The cellular structure and high paste content in the foam cement slurry, together with no coarse aggregates, make it self-compacting.

Good mechanical properties: It can be welded, poured and ground with a hammer, without breaking or cracking. This is especially useful when welding and machining are required.

Suitable for constructing structures in areas with a high degree of seismic activity.

The slurry for foam concrete is prepared using cement, sand and fly ash or limestone in the proportion of 30 percent to 60 percent. The slurry is mixed with a synthetic foaming agent, which produces air bubbles to create the foam.

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