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Foaming Agent For Lightweight Concrete

2023-04-07 03:40:02  Blog

Foamed Concrete is a type of lightweight concrete which is produced by the introduction of tiny air pockets into the concrete mix. This process can be achieved through a chemical reaction that expands the concrete as it is poured or by adding a pre-mixed foam that is stirred into the slurry.

The use of low density aggregates such as Clay, Shale, Slate, Volcanic Pumice, Ash and Diatomite is also important in lightweight concrete production. The presence of these lightweight materials can reduce the weight of concrete by up to 20%. The presence of these materials also helps in reducing the water absorption and thermal conductivity of the concrete.

Using the Right Category of Foaming Agent Makes a Difference

There are many different kinds of foaming agents available for the construction industry and one is called synthetic-based foaming agent. This type of foaming agent is based on chemicals which have an ability to reduce the surface tension of the liquid, which makes it more stable and resistant.

Protein-based foaming agent is another type of foaming agent which can be used in the manufacture of CLC concrete. This foaming agent is based on protein hydrolysate in combination with special additives that form a very stable foam.

The use of this foaming agent can result in the creation of a lightweight concrete with excellent mechanical properties, which can be characterized by its high compressive strength and flexural strength. This is because the protein hydrolysate has an ability to increase the amount of aggregate that can be incorporated into the concrete and this leads to increased density and reduced water absorption.

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