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Applications of Foam Cement (3)

2022-05-17 17:06:32  Blog

What is Foam Cement?

Foam cement is a new type of lightweight thermal insulation material containing a large number of closed pores. It is to use mechanical method first concrete foaming agent full foaming, then foam and cement mud even mixing, cast-in-situ construction, or through the pumping system of foaming machine molding and become. Finally, after natural conservation, formed.

It belongs to a bubble insulation material. Its outstanding feature is the closed foam hole inside the concrete can make the concrete lightweight, heat preservation, and heat insulation.


Applications of Foam Cement

19. Sound insulation sandwich composite plate (partition plate) 

The existing indoor partition is installed on both sides of the wooden keel 5~10 mm of paper plasterboard, the wall is empty, no sound insulation, also not strong, cannot nail.  Foam concrete composite sound insulation board 5 CMS thick, small space, two surfaces for the color decorative surface layer, the middle is 4 CMS thick foam concrete, partition effect, and sound insulation effect, installation twice as fast, popular with consumers. 

20. Application of energy absorption function 

21. Application of energy absorption in airport protection 

Foam concrete has strong impact resistance. Ordinary concrete can be broken with a sledgehammer, but it is difficult to break foamed concrete. Using its energy absorption, a number of high value-added products have been developed and applied abroad, such as airport safety foam block, racing safety foam block, road accident prone area safety foam block. When the aircraft, automobile due to out of control out of the runway or road, into the foam block protection belt, because of the foam block impact absorption performance, so that it stops and protect the aircraft or vehicle nondestructive. 

22. Military applications of fire and explosion energy absorption protection 

Foamed concrete has a good absorption effect on bullet impact and explosion shock wave, which can greatly reduce the destructive power of shooting and explosion. In terms of explosion resistance, there are two kinds of products with development significance: military and civil: 

Military: foamed concrete can be used for all kinds of underground or aboveground military engineering, ammunition depot, etc.  Adding tens of centimeters of foamed concrete (cast-in-place or masonry) to its engineered walls and top can reduce explosive damage.  In addition, the assembled foamed concrete seismic command post and the buildings for battlefield hospitals have great development value. 

Civil use: anti-explosion foam concrete is mainly used in explosive storehouse, explosive chemical raw material storehouse, explosive equipment workshop, when it happens to accident, can reduce the explosive destructive power, reduce the loss. 

23. Application of anti-electromagnetic radiation 

Foamed concrete is an excellent electromagnetic shielding material, which can absorb and eliminate electromagnetic waves.

24. Water permeable and breathable application 

Permeable floor tile; 

Breathable planting grassland surface; 

Permeable bricks are also permeable bricks. Water permeable and breathable can make plants grow under the foamed concrete ground, and grow to the ground through the pores, forming green vegetation. Taking advantage of this, the United States has developed the cast-in-place cover of foamed concrete dump, the cast-in-place cover of slope protection of highway, railway and dam and bank, and the sand control cover of sandy land.  After casting with foamed concrete, the grass can still grow, which solves the contradiction between covering concrete and green grass. 

25. Filter app market 

River sand water filtration: such as water quenching slag, industrial residue, etc., can use this filter plate. 

Industrial machinery filter layer: foam concrete filter into the filter element, low cost, good water filtration effect, desirable high cost and difficult to make foam ceramic filter element. 

26. Application of fire prevention function 

Fire doors; 

Fire prevention board: foamed fire prevention board, fire prevention is stronger, foamed density reduced to 800/m3, lightweight outstanding, has a great market advantage. 

27. Application of anti-seepage and waterproof function 

Closed cell foamed concrete has hydrophobicity, drop water is lotus leaf dew effect, so its impermeable waterproof excellent. This foam concrete has two main application markets: 

Building waterproof and engineering waterproof: in all parts of the building need waterproof such as roofing, basement, toilet pouring or masonry foam concrete, can leave out waterproof agent, and achieve permanent waterproof, to overcome the shortcomings of waterproof coating easy to fall off failure. Use it instead of waterproof material, low cost, long life, more competitive. In water conservancy projects such as canals, pools, water towers, swimming pools, underground military projects, tunnels, embankments, fish ponds, artificial lakes and other waterproof and impermeable aspects, can use foam concrete masonry or pouring, eliminating all waterproof materials, it is both structural materials, but also waterproof materials have great advantages.

Application of chloride ion erosion resistance in underground and underwater engineering: in soil or water with large chloride ion content, the base, foundation pile and bridge pier of concrete engineering may suffer from chloride ion erosion. If a protective layer of foamed concrete is laid or poured on the outside of these engineered structures, the chloride ions will not be carried by water into the concrete because the foamed concrete is impervious to water. 


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