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  • Maltodextrin


Appearance:White or light yellow

DE Value(%):≥99.0

Moisture (%):≤0.01


pH Value:4.5-6.5

Sulfate Ash(%):≤0.6 

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Description of Maltodextrin
Maltodextrin is a starch derivative without free starch, refined and spray dried by enzymatic method

Technical Parameters of Maltodextrin

ItemsAppearanceDE Value(%)Moisture (%)SolubilitypH ValueSulfate Ash(%)
StandardWhite or light yellow≥99.0≤0.01≤0.001%4.5-6.5≤0.6 

Maltodextrin is used in concrete

The addition of maltodextrin in building materials admixture can delay the heat of hydration and slow setting.

Compared with other retarders, maltodextrin has a better effect on concrete and workability.

Maltodextrin can only be used with a water reducer and pumping agent because it is a kind of concrete retarder that can delay the hydration rate of cement and enable concrete to reach from the station to the construction site as required.


Precautions of Maltodextrin

1. Maltodextrin is non-toxic and harmless, biodegradable, but not edible;

2. If it gets into the eyes, it should be rinsed with plenty of water in time;

3. If you cause allergies to part of the human body, you should consult a doctor in time.


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