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TR30 CLC Foaming Machine Concrete Foam Generator
  • TR30 CLC Foaming Machine Concrete Foam Generator

TR30 CLC Foaming Machine Concrete Foam Generator

Model: TR30 

Maximum foam output(m3/h): 7.5

Motor voltage(V) : 220

Work rate(KW): 3

Foaming speed(L/m): 120

Bubble bleeding(kg/m3): 46

Dimensions(cm): 120*50*90

Weight(kg): 120

Foam generators are specifically designed to make foam for foamed concrete and operate in conditions common in buildings and construction sites.

Our foam generators are rugged and can operate in harsh conditions.

They are sealed in a sturdy metal cabinet and have filters to keep out dirt and dust.

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Overview of TR30 foam generator

Foam generator is the core equipment of foam concrete production, which significantly impacts the quality of foam concrete. An excellent foam generator for concrete not only has a high foam output, but more importantly, the quality of the foam produced is outstanding. TR30 foam generator developed by our company. It can be used in laboratories, small-scale foam concrete cast-in-situ projects, and pilot lines of foam concrete products. The outstanding advantages of the TR30 foam generator are low foam moisture content, more foaming agents, high foam uniformity, large foam output, and other benefits.

Parameters of TR30 foam generator



Maximum foam outputm3/h)


Motor voltage(V)


Work rate(W)


Pump suction(m)






Usually need to be disassembled:

1. After working for a long time, it is found that the foam shape is not good, usually more than three months.

2. Pipe blockage: Some foaming agents remaining in the bubble tube will form a solid residue. In this case, the foam cannot be produced normally, or the pipeline pressure increases sharply. At this time, all the old steel balls need to be taken out and then replaced with a new one. The ball is fine. Steel wire ball specification requirements: Each blowing tube needs to be filled with about 12-15 steel wire balls. Too much or too little will affect or even destroy the foam's performance. 


1. Remember to use electricity safely. If water or foam touches the circuit, you must immediately cut off the power at the remote end to ensure safe production.

2. Air will be in the pipeline when it is used for the first time. The foaming liquid has not been pumped into the equipment quickly. You can wait for tens of seconds until the liquid is filled with the entire suction tube, and the foaming operation can be performed normally.

3. Do not start the equipment when the pipeline is blocked to prevent damage to the components due to overpressure in the pipeline.

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