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  • There are mainly three indicators: foamability, foam toughness, and bleeding, to measure the quality of foaming agents.……
    Feb 09
  • TR-C Polymer Foaming Agent is an additive used for lightweight concrete products.……
    Jan 31
  • Foaming agents play an important role in concrete.Decrease the density of concrete: The frothing agent creates bubbles in the concrete, making the concrete lighter, minimizing the weight of the concrete and minimizing the structural load-bearing lots.……
    Jan 26
  • The cement foaming machine and the cement foaming agent are interdependent. The cement foaming agent itself cannot automatically become a foam. It need to pass through the mechanical action of the foaming machine to become a foam. The cement foaming machines and cement foaming ag...……
    Jan 10
  • The technical characteristics of foam stability, the overall technical characteristics of foam with excellent stability are that the liquid film is tough, high mechanical strength, strong resistance to external force disturbance, and can withstand a certain slurry self-weight pre...……
    Dec 27
  • Cement foaming agent is the key material in the production of foamed concrete. Whether it can produce foamed concrete with suitable density depends on the selection of a suitable cement foaming agent. There are many types of cement foaming agents on the market now, and the prices...……
    Dec 18
  • The properties of the cellular concrete are strongly influenced by the type of foaming agent used.……
    Dec 04
  • Protein foaming agents are produced from naturally hydrolyzed proteins. They are combined with foam stabilizers (metal salts), fungicides, corrosion inhibitors, antifreeze additives and solvents to form foam concentrates.……
    Nov 23
  • Concrete defoaming agent is developed with the latest patented technology and is a defoamer synthesized from polyether and other ingredients. It is suitable for defoaming under the conditions of strong acid and strong alkali. When the PH value of the defoaming system is 14, many ...……
    Nov 14
  • Cellular lightweight concrete (CLC), otherwise known as foamed concrete, is a cementitious lightweight material containing numerous evenly distributed air bubbles in the matrix, produced by mixing water with the cement, filler (sand), and at least 20% air bubbles from a foaming a...……
    Nov 10

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  • Luoyang Tongrun Info Technology Co., Ltd. ( is the world's leading nanomaterial technology developer and application manufacturer, the company has more than 20 years of industry experience, after years of scientific research and production, has been professionals in lightweight concrete and foam concrete solutions. We can supply concrete foaming agents, superplasticizers, aerogels and foam concrete strength enhancers for lightweight concrete mix, CLC blocks all over the world, suitable for ordinary cement foamed concrete cast-in-place, block, plate, insulation wall, etc.