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Gypsum retarder and enhancer
  • Gypsum retarder and enhancer

Gypsum retarder and enhancer

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Product description of gypsum retarder 720S

Appearance and shape: slightly yellow powder

Fineness: 200 mesh pass rate is greater than 95%

Stability: Gypsum retarder 720S is compatible with hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, starch ether, latex powder, water-reducing agent, etc. It has good dispersibility, good water solubility, and controllable setting time, which can meet construction requirements.


Application of gypsum retarder 720S

Natural gypsum, desulfurized gypsum, phosphogypsum, fluorine gypsum.

Gypsum retarder 720S is suitable for gypsum products such as plastered gypsum, machine-sprayed gypsum, gypsum-based self-leveling, gypsum putty, bonded gypsum, and prefabricated gypsum components.


The action of gypsum retarder 720S on building gypsum

The setting time of building gypsum after mixing with water is mostly 6 to 18 minutes. The retarder reduces the solubility of hemihydrate gypsum, slows down the dissolution rate of hemihydrate gypsum, and the retarding ions are adsorbed on the surface of dihydrate gypsum crystals and combine these ions. Into the crystal lattice, a complex is formed, which limits the diffusion of ions to the vicinity of the dihydrate gypsum crystals, thereby delaying the setting time of the gypsum.


Recommended dosage of gypsum retarder 720S

Add 0.3-0.6% by weight of gypsum.


Note: The specific dosage of this retarder should be used before use. The test is carried out

according to the gypsum varieties and auxiliary materials, and the specific dosage is subject to the experimental data.


Shelf life of gypsum retarder 720S

12 months


Package of gypsum retarder 720S



Storage of gypsum retarder 720S

Moisture-proof and moisture-proof, store in a cool and dry place; open the bag, and do not use it. It should be sealed again and stacked should not exceed eight bags.

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