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Foam Concrete Mixer Small Concrete Machine Mixer
  • Foam Concrete Mixer Small Concrete Machine Mixer

Foam Concrete Mixer Small Concrete Machine Mixer

Height: 60cm 

Total height of barrel:110cm


Power:1.5 kW

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Product Description

The small foam concrete mixing barrel adopts an overall stainless steel design (to ensure that no chemical reaction occurs before the foaming agent and agitator and the mixing barrel), a filter funnel outlet, and a quick-installed stainless steel valve (durable and is the upper limit of the life of the ball valve or the rotary butterfly valve hundred times).

The mixing barrel can be used in conjunction with a foam generator to make foam concrete and connected to pumping equipment to complete the project progress faster. The small foam concrete integrated equipment developed by our company has the characteristics of small size, lightweight and convenient movement.


The product scope of application

Field construction of foam concrete for floor heating insulation layer and roof insulation slope finding, foam concrete blocks, lightweight wall panels, fire door cores and partition walls, etc.


Parameters of mixing barrel


60 cm

Barrel height

70 cm

Total height of barrel

110 cm


220 V


1.1 kW

Stirring method

Spiral stirring

Delivery method

Pumping/Natural flow

Maximum speed

60 r/min



1. Turn on the “start” key;

2. Pour the weighed cement into the bucket;

3. Start the motor, and use the speed control button to adjust to the appropriate speed so that the cement and water are evenly mixed;

4. Turn on the foam generator, put the foam into the barrel through the foam injection port and continue to stir evenly;

5. Open the valve at the bottom to pour out the foamed concrete. If pumping equipment is connected, foam concrete can be pumped;

6. Use water to clean the mixing tank to keep it clean and convenient for the next use.



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