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Instant Sodium Silicate Powder CAS 1344-09-8 Water Glass
  • Instant Sodium Silicate Powder CAS 1344-09-8 Water Glass

Instant Sodium Silicate Powder CAS 1344-09-8 Water Glass

Sodium silicate is mainly used in refractory sintering agents, washing auxiliaries, soil modifiers, mineral processing inhibitors, acid-resistant cement additives, chemical grouting additives, water treatment, etc. 

Packing:25 kg/bag

Modulus (M):2.0-3.4

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Overview of Sodium Silicate

Sodium silicate is a kind of inorganic substance. The chemical formula is Na2O3Si. Its aqueous solution, commonly known as water glass, is a kind of mineral adhesive. 

The sodium silicate powder produced by Luoyang Tongrun has a pure white color, stable properties, and low impurity content. 

It can produce any modulus between 2.0 and 3.4 or can be customized according to customer requirements. 

Features and Advantages of Sodium Silicate

Good stability: Sodium silicate is not easy to volatilize, decompose, or get damp. It has good chemical stability and can be stored for a long time.

Strong decontamination ability: Sodium silicate can effectively remove oil stains, paint stains and other difficult-to-clean stains.

Wide range of applications: Sodium silicate can be widely used in various fields such as ceramics, coatings, glass, etc., and has a wide range of uses.

Preparation of other chemicals: Sodium silicate has important uses in the preparation of other chemicals. It can be used as a catalyst, gelling agent and solvent.

Strong adhesion and strength: Sodium silicate is a colorless, transparent viscous liquid with strong alkalinity. Its viscosity increases with the increase of concentration, and it has good suspension, adhesion and film-forming properties.

Good corrosion resistance and heat resistance: Sodium silicate has good heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

Technical Property of Powdered Instant Sodium Silicate Powder













Modulus (M)






Dissolution rate S(30℃)



Density g/ml






Degree of fineness ( 120 mesh )






Application of Sodium Silicate

Sodium silicate is mainly used in refractory sintering agents, washing auxiliaries, soil modifiers, mineral processing inhibitors, acid-resistant cement additives, chemical grouting additives, water treatment, etc. 


Application of sodium silicate


Company Profile

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Brief Introduction of Production Method 

Quartz sand and soda ash are mixed in a certain proportion and then heated to about 1400 ℃ in a reverberatory furnace to produce molten sodium silicate, which is dissolved in water and dried into a powder-soluble form. 



Packing of Sodium Silicate

25 kg/bag, ton pack, or pallet (750kg/ 1000kg ton pack). 

Storage and transportation methods and matters 

Sealed in a ventilated and dry room without direct sunlight, transported and stored at 5-35 ℃. 

It is a non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-burning, non-dangerous product.



What is the solubility of sodium silicate?

Answer: The solubility of sodium silicate is related to its composition. Generally speaking, the solubility of sodium silicate in water is 39.4%, and its solubility in hot water is higher. At the same time, sodium silicate easily absorbs moisture and deliquesces in the air.


How to store sodium silicate solution?

Answer: Sodium silicate solution should be stored in a sealed, dry, cool and ventilated place, away from direct sunlight and high temperature. At the same time, the mixing of impurities or foreign matter should be avoided to prevent affecting its performance and stability.


Is sodium silicate harmful to humans?

Answer: Sodium silicate is harmless to humans. In fact, food-grade sodium silicate is mainly used in food additives and pharmaceutical manufacturing and other fields, and is safe and reliable. At the same time, sodium silicate has strong bonding force and anti-corrosion ability, and can be used for bonding and strengthening building materials such as wood and glass. However, inhaling silica sand or silicate products for a long time will have an impact on human health, so protective measures should be taken during use.


How to check the quality of sodium silicate?

Answer: The quality of sodium silicate can be measured by measuring its purity, moisture content, modulus and other indicators. Purity can be determined by chemical analysis or spectroscopic analysis, moisture content can be determined by drying, and modulus can be calculated by measuring the length of the sodium silicate molecular chain. In addition, its quality can also be evaluated by measuring its viscosity, pH value and other indicators.


What are the application fields of sodium silicate?

Answer: Sodium silicate is widely used in construction, chemical industry, light industry, petroleum and many other fields. In the field of construction, sodium silicate can be formulated as an adhesive for heat-resistant coatings, and is widely used in bathrooms, toilets, and home interior and exterior wall coatings; in the chemical industry, sodium silicate can be used to produce various detergents, adhesives, etc. Glues, etc.; in the light industry, sodium silicate can be used to produce waterproofing agents and adhesives for paper, fabrics, etc.; in the petroleum field, sodium silicate can be used as additives and leak-stopping agents for drilling mud.


What is the future development trend of sodium silicate?

Answer: With the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements and the continuous advancement of technology, the future development trend of sodium silicate will be green, high added value and high performance. At the same time, with the continuous development of new application fields and the increasing market demand, the application prospects of sodium silicate will be broader.

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