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Instant Potassium Silicate CAS 1312-76-1 Potassium Silicate Powder
  • Instant Potassium Silicate CAS 1312-76-1 Potassium Silicate Powder

Instant Potassium Silicate CAS 1312-76-1 Potassium Silicate Powder

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Overview of Powder potassium silicate

Powder potassium silicate, also known as potassium water glass powder, is a pure white, tasteless, weakly alkaline powder. 

The powder potassium silicate is soluble in water and alkaline solutions but insoluble in alcohol and organic solvents. 

The potassium silicate powder produced by Luoyang Tongrun has a white color, stable properties, and low impurity content. 

Technical Property of Powdered Instant Potassium Silicate

Density g/ml(20℃)0.50-0.800.5-0.80.5-0.8
K2O (%)31.0-35.028.0-32.026.0-30.3
SiO2 (%)48.0-54.052.0-58.057.0-63.0
Ratio (M)2.3-2.52.7-2.93.2-3.4
Dissolution rate≤5555100

Application of Powder Potassium Silicate

Metallurgical industry: amorphous refractory binder, furnace gunning binder, sand mold binder in foundry industry. 

amorphous refractory binder, furnace gunning binder, sand mold binder in foundry industry

potassium silicate applied in metallurgical industry

Chemical industry: used as flame retardant filler, deoiling agent, and anti-embroidery agent. 

Light industry: ceramic binder, floor tile binder, adhesive in welding rod. 

Household chemicals industry: detergents in detergents, fillers in the soap industry.

Construction industry: used as powder, paint binder, and fireproof materials, acid-resistant cement additives, and road repair enhancers. 

Petroleum industry: slurry sealing agent for oil. 

Agriculture: used as silicon fertilizer, silicon, and potassium fertilizer

potassium silicate

potassium silicate applied in agriculture

Company Profile

Luoyang Trunnano Tech Co., Ltd is professional in lightweight concrete and concrete admixtures solutions,for 10 years+, which is a professional company with supply and marketing integration.

We can supply high-quality Potassium Silicate, Gypsum retarder and enhancer, Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber, Concrete Crack Reducing Admixture, Hollow Glass Microspheres, Concrete strength and shrinkage reducer, Waterproof agent, Redispersible Polymer Powder (RDP) all over the world.

The company has a professional technical department and Quality Supervision Department, a well-equipped laboratory, and equipped with advanced testing equipment and after-sales customer service center.Send us an email or click on the needed products to send an inquiry.



Storage Condition of Powdered Instant Potassium Silicate

The potassium silicate powder should be stored in a dry and cool environment in a sealed place, not exposed to the air, to prevent oxidative agglomeration caused by moisture, affecting the dispersion performance and use effect;

Package and shipment 

Packing & Shipping of Powdered Instant Potassium Silicate

It is packed in double plastic bags inside, which can be filled with argon in a vacuum; it can be vacuumed and filled with argon for protection.

Powdered Instant Potassium Silicate Powder packing: vacuum packing, 1kg/bag, 25kg/bag, or as you request.

Powdered Instant Potassium Silicate shipping: could be shipped out by sea, by air, or by express as soon as possible once payment is received.



What is the chemical formula of potassium silicate?

Answer: The chemical formula of instant potassium silicate is K2O·nSiO2·mH2O, where n and m are the component ratios of instant potassium silicate.


What are the main uses of instant potassium silicate?

Answer: Instant potassium silicate is mainly used in glass, ceramics, enamel, coatings, paints, printing and dyeing, textile, petroleum, construction, papermaking, leather, welding rods and other industries, mainly for reinforcement, thickening, emulsification, anti-aging, etc. effect.


How stable is instant potassium silicate?

Answer: Instant potassium silicate has good stability, is not easy to decompose, does not easily react with other substances, and has good storage stability.


What are the preparation methods of instant potassium silicate?

Answer: The preparation methods of instant potassium silicate mainly include chemical synthesis method and natural ore method. The chemical synthesis method is obtained by reacting silicates and potassium hydroxide under certain conditions; the natural ore method is to use natural ores such as feldspar, quartz, etc. as the main raw materials, and undergo crushing, dissolution, impurity removal, filtration, concentration, and drying Prepared by other processes.


What should we pay attention to when storing and transporting instant potassium silicate?

Answer: Instant potassium silicate should be stored in a dry, cool, well-ventilated place, away from direct sunlight and high temperatures, and must not be stored together with flammable items and reducing substances. During transportation, load and unload with care and avoid severe vibration and inversion.


What are the hazards of instant potassium silicate to the human body?

Answer: Instant potassium silicate is non-toxic and harmless to the human body. However, if you inhale silica dust for a long time or accidentally eat silicate products, it will affect human health and cause symptoms such as headaches and nausea. Therefore, you should pay attention to protective measures when using instant potassium silicate, such as wearing masks and gloves.


What are the detection methods for instant potassium silicate?

Answer: The detection methods of instant potassium silicate mainly include chemical analysis method, spectral analysis method and conductivity method. The chemical analysis method is to measure the content of each component in instant potassium silicate through titration and other methods; the spectroscopic analysis method is to measure the content of each element in instant potassium silicate through spectroscopic instruments; the conductivity method is to measure the content of instant potassium silicate solution conductivity to calculate its concentration.


What are the precautions for using instant potassium silicate in various industries?

Answer: When using instant potassium silicate, the selection and operation should be based on the requirements and standards of different industries. For example, in the coating industry, the ratio and stirring time should be controlled to avoid bubbles; in the ceramic industry, the amount of water added and viscosity should be controlled to avoid problems such as cracks and deformation.


What is the future development trend of instant potassium silicate?

Answer: With the continuous development of science and technology, the application fields of instant potassium silicate are becoming more and more extensive, and the market demand is also increasing. In the future, the development trend of instant potassium silicate will be towards high purity, high activity and high added value. At the same time, new application fields and markets will continue to be developed. In addition, with the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements, green production will also become an important direction for the development of instant potassium silicate.

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