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CLC Block and Silica Fume

2023-03-07 17:10:02  Blog

clc block is a cellular light weight concrete (Foam Concrete) manufactured by mixing cement and fly-ash slurry with pre-formed stable foam. The slurry is pumped into assembled moulds of bricks and curing is done by water or steam.

Cellular lightweight concrete has numerous practical and economic advantages in construction. This includes reducing the structure’s weight by building foundations and lowering the cost of materials. However, the presence of pores in the slurry and mortar mixture can limit the density of these blocks, which makes them brittle.

Silica fume can be used to increase the compressive strength of CLC. However, there are few studies comparing the mechanical behaviour of clc blocks using silica fume to improve their strength. This study aims to determine the optimum compressive strength of CLC by using different proportions of silica fume in the mortar mixture.

Tests were conducted to obtain the compressive strength, displacement, stress, strain and modulus of elasticity of a clc block. The results were analyzed and compared to the standard block by means of LUSAS finite element software.

clc blocks have a higher density than traditional clay bricks, which means they are significantly lighter in weight. This can help reduce the dead load of a structure, which reduces the use of steel and concrete. They also have excellent sound insulation characteristics, making them ideal for partitions. They are eco-friendly as they are made from fly ash and industrial wastes. They are also thermally insulated, so they can help to save on electricity costs.

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