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Experimental study on foam concrete as subgrade filler for ballastless track of high-speed railway

2022-07-27 13:55:31  Blog

Controlling the settlement of ballastless track subgrade in special soils is a scientific problem that has always existed in the construction and operation of high-speed railways, mainly due to the consolidation and settlement of ground soil, which is caused by the additional stress caused by heavy loads.


In order to reduce the subgrade weight and additional stress, lightweight foamed concrete can be used as subgrade filler to control subgrade settlement in special soil areas. However, it is unclear whether ballastless track subgrades filled with lightweight foam concrete have long-term dynamic stability under cyclic loading.

To solve this problem, Luoyang Tongrun conducted compressive strength and dynamic triaxial tests to analyze the static and dynamic strength of lightweight foamed concrete. A large subgrade model filled with lightweight foam concrete with a target density of 650 kg/m³ was then built to determine its long-term performance under cyclic dynamic loading.

The results show that the strength of the lightweight foamed concrete with the target density of 500-800 kg/m³ can meet the requirements of the static and dynamic conditions of the ballastless track subgrade, and the ballastless track subgrade with the target density of the lightweight foamed concrete.

When a foam concrete dynamic buffer layer of 650 kg/m³ with a thickness of 0.5 m is set between the lightweight foam concrete layer and the foundation slab, it has good long-term dynamic stability under cyclic dynamic loads.

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