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Precautions before and after Construction of Foam Lightweight Concrete

2022-01-13 16:16:30  Blog

Foam light soil is now mainly used in roof insulation construction, road and bridge backfilling, mine backfilling, wall embodying and pouring, etc. Many areas are only newly developed, and the following preparations can be used during construction.

1. The first thing to determine is good data, the first data is cement foaming agent and cement. How to choose a suitable cement foaming agent? The compatibility of cement foaming agent and foaming machine should be considered first. Because there is a problem of compatibility between cement foaming agent and cement foaming machine. To understand the compatibility of cement foaming agents, it is also necessary to determine a reasonable dilution ratio of the foaming agent. If you are using the cement foaming agent for the first time, it is recommended to refer to the dilution factor recommended by the manufacturer, and then combine your own machine experiments to find the most suitable dilution factor. The added value of foamed lightweight soil construction is not high. When choosing cement, the first consideration should be the cost. The cheapest in the Beijing market is slag portland cement.

If only considering the cost, the use of slag portlandite is not everything. The slag portland cement can be used to make foam light soil. Now the slag silicate composition and clinker share on the market are also different, so the function is also different. Some of the early strength is very low or the label is not good. It is suitable for foamed light soil, and some slag Portland cement will react with the cement foaming agent, so it cannot be used.

If it enters winter application, it is best to use general Portland cement or early-strength composite Portland cement. Other information suggests that it should be considered as appropriate. Fillers such as coal ash and fine sand can be added. It should be noted that increasing the coal ash below 20% has little effect on general Portland cement, while slag Portland cement will affect the solidification rate. Regarding high-density concrete, fine sand can be added. If it is mixed with fine sand, it is necessary to determine whether your pump can be transported.

2. Arrangement of the construction site. The first thing is to sort out the clutter and install water and electricity. Watering and finishing will moisturize the cast-in-place work surface, and the watering must be even, and no stagnant water should be present.

3. Experiment early to see if the foam generator is normal. The inspection method is to dilute the foaming agent according to a certain ratio, and then make foam, and arrange the foam outside the body to see whether the foam moisture content and the foam consistency are normal. Whether the cell is around 1mm. If the moisture content is large, the cell may need to be replaced.

4. During the construction of the foam light soil, it should be noted that the slurry of the foam light soil cannot stay, and it should be smoothed immediately after pouring. Avoid foam breaks and collapse of the mold after re-construction after a static stop.

5. Pay attention to the influence of air temperature when constructing foam light soil. When the air temperature is below 10 degrees, a foaming agent with high stability and suitable for winter application should be used. When the air temperature is lower than 5 degrees, it is recommended to use early-strength composite Portland cement in addition to the good foaming agent. Conditions promised to be able to build plastic greenhouses.

6. For summer construction, moisturizing and maintenance are required. Two methods are available, one is to cover straw curtains, reed mats, sacks, sawdust, wet soil and wet sand, and the other to cover plastic cloth.

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